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NN506068 The 1 wood­land ap­proach is com­plex; for­tu­nately it's clearly sign­posted for Ben Venue at ev­ery junc­tion. From the back of the car park, take ei­ther path into the woods; they re­join in 450m. The path then leads west to cross duck­boards to a park­ing area where a tar­mac pri­vate lane joins the road to Loch Katrine pier. Turn left on the pri­vate lane. Af­ter 600m, a wide path leads down left to a scenic foot­bridge over Achray Wa­ter.

NN495065 The path 2 runs up to a for­est track. Turn right for 200m, then left up an­other path to join a higher for­est track. Turn right up this, south-west, the track at once shrink­ing to a wide path. Af­ter 500m this joins yet an­other for­est road. Turn left, and just be­fore the track crosses a bridge, fork up right on a path, to reach the fi­nal for­est road.

NN490055 3

Cross onto the con­tin­u­ing path. It runs gen­tly up­hill through re­gen­er­at­ing scrubby wood­land, up to right of the stream of Gleann Ri­ab­hach. Af­ter 2km it emerges to open ground. The re­cently re­built path runs up right of the main stream, west of north, weav­ing among out­crops to the 580m col at the val­ley head.

NN468060 Turn 4 right on a path that's eroded and rocky for its first rise. Then it rises gen­tly, be­fore dip­ping to a tiny col. As it dips, take the left fork, as this takes you over the hill's true sum­mit which the right fork by­passes on the right. Af­ter the cairn, take the path down ahead, re­join­ing the by­pass path, to a grassy col. The path ahead runs up un­der a small cliff, to the ru­ined trig point at the hill's south-east cor­ner.

NN477061 5

Re­turn by the path un­der the small cliff to the grassy col. Turn down right, north, in a grassy hol­low. Keep down­hill, north, to the left of the small stream. Where the stream dives into a lit­tle gorge down a steeper sec­tion, take a grassy slope to the left, then cross the stream just be­low. Here a faint path starts to the right of the stream, edg­ing away to

NN476069 The path 6 con­tours north of east, to ar­rive at the top of a steep hol­low down to Loch Katrine. Head down this un­til it steep­ens with a small stream form­ing. Now work right, to de­scend 50m to the right of the stream, with fence posts and traces of path, to ar­rive at a fence cor­ner. NN482071 Turn 7 right, on a path just be­low the fence. The path runs south-east, past an im­pres­sive boul­der and down a lit­tle slanty val­ley. Cross a stile on the left and turn down right, for a small path to the dam at the foot of Loch Achray. Cross the dam, and fol­low the tar­mac lane be­yond. It runs to the left of Achray Wa­ter. Just be­fore it meets the pub­lic road to Loch Katrine pier, turn right on the path of the out­ward route. Where it forks, take whichever branch you weren't on at the start of the walk.

Ben Venue's ap­proach path near Loch Achray. the right to cross a sec­ond stream.

On Ben Venue – feels like the top of the world.

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