Re­gatta Chandler/Amelie £50

■ Me■’s S-XXL plus 3 leg lengths (Chandler) ■ Wome■’s S-XL plus 3 leg lengths (Amelie) ■ Weight 414g (men’s L)

While not the the light­est op­tion, these trousers do have a mesh and taffeta lin­ing for more com­fort, which will en­sure they feel less clammy. They have calf-length zips, no an­kle cuff ad­just­ment and the fit is gen­er­ally a lit­tle looser than oth­ers. 68%

…LOW COST, STRETCHY & LIGHTWEIGHT? A●pkit Par­al­lax £68

■ Me■’s S-XXL ■ Wome■’s 8-16

■ Weight 195g (men’s L)

Made from a 2.5-layer fab­ric with stretch, these trousers are also very lightweight and well-priced. The fit is slightly neater than oth­ers but the stretch al­lows rea­son­able free­dom of move­ment. The side zips are shorter than oth­ers though and also feel a lit­tle less durable,

so care is needed in use. 76% …SOFTER, LIGHTWEIGHT FAB­RIC?

Roha■ Vapour Trail £89

■ Me■’s S-XL ■ Wome■’s XS-L

■ Weight 291g (men’s L)

These are less ‘rustly’ and gen­er­ally softer against the body than oth­ers, due to the use of a 2.5-layer Bar­ri­cade fab­ric that has a lightweight polyester outer with mem­brane tech­nol­ogy. You also get knee-length side zips and some an­kle cuff ad­just­ment. Slightly bag­gier fit. 76% ….MID-PRICED & LIGHTWEIGHT?

Mou■tai■ Equipme■t Zeno £100

■ Me■’s S-XL plus 3 leg lengths

■ Wome■’s 8-16 plus 2 leg lengths ■ Weight 228g (men’s L)

Made from 2.5-layer Drilite fab­ric with thigh-length side zips, ar­tic­u­lated knees and a di­a­mond crotch for more com­fort. There’s no an­kle cuff ad­just­ments and the waist­band is very slightly less com­fort­able than some, but

over­all great all-rounders. 76% …WARMER TROUSERS?

Paramo Cas­cada II £145

■ Me■’s XS-XXL plus 3 leg lengths

■ Wome■’s XS-XXL plus 3 leg lengths ■ Weight 480g (men’s L)

Very pop­u­lar trousers, with long side zips so they are easy to get on and off, and also you can vent the sides if you over­heat. The main draw­back is they can be too warm, but on colder days they are very good and con­trol con­den­sa­tion bet­ter than other trousers. 80%

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