How good is your 2018 Gas Gas 300 TXTGP?

Com­pet­ing, win­ning and pre­sent­ing your­self in a pro­fes­sional man­ner can be very re­ward­ing, and in Dan’s case it most cer­tainly was. JST Gas Gas UK team owner John Shirt Jnr pre­sented Dan with the very first 2018 Gas Gas 300 TXTGP model he re­ceived. We ask


Ihave to be hon­est, I un­der­es­ti­mated this Gas Gas. When I first saw the pictures I was ob­vi­ously blown away with how good it looks, but my next thought was what do you get for your money that is dif­fer­ent from the Rac­ing model, other than the colour change? The main things I was drawn to were the Oh­lins shock and the car­bon fi­bre air­box. Af­ter speak­ing to a few peo­ple at tri­als these two fac­tors were the main talk­ing points about the model, with con­cerns about how the Oh­lins would com­pare to the Reiger and was the air­box nec­es­sary or just a gim­mick? The Tech front forks, al­though look the busi­ness, are es­sen­tially the same as I have been us­ing for the last few years but with an ad­di­tional com­pres­sion ad­juster fit­ted.


One of Shirty’s ideas was for me to try the new ma­chine to­tally stan­dard. Nor­mally I have my new ma­chine set up sim­i­lar to my pre­vi­ous one but Shirty thinks I don’t re­ally get the ben­e­fit from any im­prove­ments/pro­gres­sion of the new Gas Gas. This is a fair point, which I ap­pre­ci­ate as how many rid­ers do the same – or­der a new ma­chine but ask to have it setup the same as their old one? I tried the new one af­ter agree­ing to give it a try and promised not to al­ter any­thing. In­stantly it had that al­most in­de­scrib­able new ma­chine feel which made me grin from ear to ear. I could tell it was a ‘Grunty’ com­pared to my Rac­ing model but it cer­tainly wasn’t un­ride­able. The car­bon fi­bre reeds were def­i­nitely no­tice­able. Af­ter a 20 minute test/run-in it was straight into a trial at Eadons Fields. This place has plenty of hills to go at and this is where I no­ticed the air­box – it cer­tainly wasn’t a gim­mick… It is a slightly bigger vol­ume than the stan­dard two-piece one and this gives it more grunt. Where oth­ers were flat-out in 3rd gear burn­ing up a hill, my Gas Gas was pulling eas­ily and ac­tu­ally ac­cel­er­at­ing up the hill so that I was hav­ing to shut off – fan­tas­tic. Nor­mally this type of up­grade is only avail­able to fac­tory rid­ers but it re­ally made the 300 TXTGP feel spe­cial. When­ever I opened up the throt­tle I just kept smil­ing!


I have done a bit of test­ing with Oh­lins in the past. De­spite ap­pre­ci­at­ing that it was a qual­ity shocker I could never get the setup right. Ei­ther good for tra­di­tional sec­tions or good for steps but un­for­tu­nately not good at both. My ini­tial thought was that the re­bound was a lit­tle slow but I could tell that it is a com­pletely dif­fer­ent shock as it felt stiffer than the older model. I avoided the temp­ta­tion to change it and gave it a chance. Now the Reiger is a very good shock on the Gas Gas so the stan­dard is high but the Oh­lins is def­i­nitely equal to it. It has the same planted feel, maybe even more so as it felt a lit­tle stiffer, but any steps I pointed it at it sim­ply lev­elled them. I could even be lazy in the legs and it still got up, which is what I needed it to. I could go as far as to say that it felt better than the Reiger as it didn’t feel like it was hit­ting the bump-stop like the Reiger some­times does.

It’s def­i­nitely a thumbs-up from me. Ev­ery now and again you get a new ma­chine that feels spe­cial. This does all that and more. I am re­ally im­pressed with it and would go as far as say­ing this is the best bike that I have rid­den re­plac­ing my 2014 Fac­tory Replica model. New Com­po­nents: Tech gold colour front sus­pen­sion with new springs and ad­justers; Oh­lins shock ab­sorber with ad­justers spe­cially de­vel­oped for the TXT GP; Clutch spring with vari­able preload; Boye­sen car­bon fi­bre reed valves; Dou­ble spark CDI and closed core Hidria coils; Cylin­der head vari­able com­pres­sion insert sys­tem; Ren­thal han­dle­bars and pro­tec­tors; High strength red sil­i­cone cool­ing hoses; Num­bered ‘Spe­cial Edition’ with an iden­ti­fi­ca­tion plate; FIM regulation rear disc brake; Ti­ta­nium front pipe; Car­bon fi­bre air­box and ex­haust pro­tec­tor; Light­ened fork clamps


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