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Todd joins forces with Phe­lan and Vinny in their de­vel­op­ment scam

t’s a case of, ‘If you can’t beat them, join them’ for Todd Grimshaw, who goes from saviour to sin­ner when Billy dumps him, by declar­ing that he wants to be part of Phe­lan and Vinny’s prop­erty scam.

It’s a huge U-turn be­cause, at the start of the week, he squares up to Phe­lan and as­sures him he’ll get enough proof for the po­lice. Badly rat­tled, Phe­lan calls Vinny and then in­vites Todd for a chat at the site. As they talk, Phe­lan spots Vinny’s holdall and sees the lengths he’s pre­pared to go to shut Todd up.

IBack at the Rovers, Sean an­swers Todd’s phone and tells Billy the bishop was on the line. Billy then re­alises it was Todd who tipped off his su­pe­rior about them. When he con­fronts him, Todd claims he did it to set Billy free from re­li­gion. Fu­ri­ous, Billy dumps Todd, who promptly cosies up to Phe­lan.

‘Todd looks at what he’s got and de­cides he might as well put his morals on the back burner,’ says Bruno Lan­g­ley, who plays the schem­ing florist. ‘He ex­plains he’s do­ing this be­cause he’s as twisted as Phe­lan, and Pat be­lieves him.’

The lat­est in­ter­ested cus­tomer is Alex, but Phe­lan tells him he must pay a £15,000 reser­va­tion fee. Anna tries to warn him off the deal, but Eileen as­sures

Cathy that it’s all above board.

In her bid to get the money for Alex, Cathy for­gets Roy’s birth­day and vis­its her nephew’s dad, Nigel, to ask for some cash. She has a go at him for his measly main­te­nance pay­ments and is shocked when he hints that it’s not him who makes them, be­fore chuck­ing her out.

Af­ter check­ing the bank ac­count ref­er­ence, Cathy re­turns and asks Nigel out­right if he’s re­ally Alex’s dad – and is shocked by the an­swer.

Re­turn­ing to the café in a fury, she snaps at Roy, who looks wist­fully at Hay­ley’s photo. Can his new re­la­tion­ship sur­vive any more ups and downs? And will

Alex be fleeced by Phe­lan?

Alone again, Todd be­comes a part­ner in crime as Phe­lan tar­gets in­no­cent Alex

Eileen’s fooled, but can she also con­vince Cathy?

Doorstepped Nigel tells Cathy where to go

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