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Robert is left dan­gling from a rope af­ter he tries to hurt Chrissie

till fum­ing over the fact that Chrissie set his brother Andy up, Robert hits upon an idea when he over­hears Priya threat­en­ing to sue her over faulty equip­ment at the ad­ven­ture park. He de­cides to sab­o­tage it him­self, not re­al­is­ing that he’ll be the one in dan­ger.

Robert chal­lenges Chrissie to be the first per­son to try out the new climb­ing wall and his ex-wife rises to the bait. How­ever, Robert then over­hears that his sis­ter Vic­to­ria

Splans to take her place, so he has to rush back and undo the dam­age. ‘It’s typ­i­cal Robert. He acts first and thinks later,’ says Ryan Haw­ley, who plays him. ‘When he finds out that Vic­to­ria is go­ing on the wall, he has to abort his plan to smear the Whites in front of the press, who are com­ing to the open­ing.’

The schem­ing Sug­den has tam­pered with the bolt on the safety wire, but when he scales the wall to re­place it, he trips and gets sus­pended halfway up.

Adds Ryan: ‘He’s in a predica­ment. If he can’t get hold of Vic­to­ria, he’ll be hu­mil­i­ated, but he could also face crim­i­nal charges.’

He man­ages to call her and, when she shows up, he tells her what Chrissie did, mak­ing her as hell-bent as he is on get­ting re­venge.

What will they cook up be­tween them?

Af­ter los­ing his bal­ance, Robert ropes Vic­to­ria (in­set) into his re­venge plot

High stakes: Robert’s dare to Chrissie is ac­cepted

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