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bruno lan­g­ley on life as a soap bad­die, and why he’d never do Celebrity First Dates

Corona­tion Street star Bruno Lan­g­ley is be­com­ing a lot sm­i­lier than usual. He’s of­fer­ing up his seat on buses and trains, avoid­ing heated de­bates and gen­er­ally keep­ing a low pro­file. Why? Be­cause his al­ter ego, Todd Grimshaw, has turned bad… again.

Af­ter be­ing dumped by vicar Billy for dob­bing him into the bishop, an an­gry Todd de­cided he had noth­ing to lose and told Phe­lan he wanted in on his prop­erty racket.

‘He’s gone over to the dark side,’ ex­plains Bruno, 33. ‘When Todd is hor­ri­ble on screen, I over­com­pen­sate in real life. I go out of my way to be pleas­ant to peo­ple to prove that I’m a nice, nor­mal guy. I dis­ap­prove of a lot of the things Todd does.

‘I’ve been called many things in the street and, be­cause I have drama and con­flict as a job, I don’t want it in my per­sonal life. Be­fore I got the job on Cor­rie, I’d have ar­gu­ments with peo­ple and I was a bit of a free spirit, but I can’t be like that any more. When I’m out in pub­lic, I’m a lot qui­eter than usual be­cause I don’t want to cause a scene.’

But Todd’s not an out-and-out bad guy. One minute he wants to be in ca­hoots with Phe­lan, the next he has an at­tack of con­science.

‘He’s a bit messed up,’ says

Bruno. ‘He’s torn – he doesn’t know what peo­ple ex­pect of him or who he is. What I love about Todd is that he’s not just a bad guy, he has many lay­ers. In real life, peo­ple aren’t just bad, they do things for a rea­son. My own opin­ion of what Todd does is not im­por­tant – my job is to find the rea­sons why he does th­ese things.

‘It doesn’t help that he’s still at­tached to his mum Eileen’s apron strings, but he was brought up by a sin­gle par­ent. I was lucky and had a mum and dad and lots of broth­ers and sis­ters, but not ev­ery­one has been as for­tu­nate as me.’

Bruno grew up in Bux­ton, Der­byshire and trained as an ac­tor at North Cheshire Theatre School. He joined Cor­rie in 2001 and left in 2004. The fol­low­ing year he played the Time Lord’s com­pan­ion Adam Mitchell in Doc­tor Who. Af­ter a guest stint in Cor­rie in

2007, he ap­peared for one episode in 2011 and re­turned in 2013.

‘I con­sider my­self lucky to be do­ing this job. I watched a re­cent doc­u­men­tary about An­cient Rome and, back then, the low­est peo­ple in so­ci­ety were ac­tors and pros­ti­tutes. At least I live in a time when act­ing is sort of re­spected.

‘Corona­tion Street was my first proper job and leav­ing it en­abled me to ap­pre­ci­ate it. I would never want to have any­one say I was get­ting too big for my boots.

That won’t ever hap­pen.’

When TV Times speaks to Bruno, he’s in France for a month-long break from the soap.

‘Time away is al­ways a good thing. It means

I can go back with more en­ergy. I also wanted some nor­mal­ity and anonymity, but the first per­son I saw here in France said,

“Bon­soir – aren’t you

Todd from Cor­rie?”’

Sin­gle dad Bruno al­ways spends part of his hol­i­days with

Fred­die, his nine-yearold son from a past re­la­tion­ship.

He also catches up with his ex­col­league Ryan

Thomas, who played Todd’s brother Ja­son.

‘I speak to

Ryan all the time. We’re go­ing to Ire­land soon to have some fun. He calls me when­ever he’s in

Manch­ester and we get to­gether with our kids. I loved work­ing with him, but I haven’t had a chance to miss him, be­cause we’ve been here, there and ev­ery­where to­gether. We know so much about each other!’

Bruno is also close to Daniel Brock­le­bank, who plays Billy, the vicar who dumps Todd this week. He ap­plauds Daniel’s re­cent ap­pear­ance on C4’s Celebrity First Dates, but says he would never dare to ap­pear on re­al­ity TV.

‘I’m a sin­gle dad, but I’d never go on a show like that. One of

my big­gest night­mares would be to wake up in the Big Brother house. I knew Danny would come across well on First Dates be­cause he likes peo­ple, but I’d hate to be un­der such close scru­tiny. It’s just not my thing.’

Mu­sic, how­ever, is very much him. Ear­lier this year, he re­leased his de­but EP Jump. He also wrote mu­sic for a col­lec­tion of chil­dren’s verse called Poems For Cheeky Chil­dren, which is nar­rated by Jen­nie Mcalpine, aka Fiz.

‘I had some songs that were half-fin­ished and I thought it would be a shame if they stayed on my com­puter and no­body ever heard them.

‘The poems will be re­leased near Christ­mas. I’ve nar­rated some of them and I think they’ll go down well. They’ve al­ready passed the Fred­die test – I try ev­ery­thing out on my son. He’d tell me if he thought they were rub­bish, be­cause he al­ways says it as it is.’

Bruno ex­pects his life will be full on when he goes back to Cor­rie af­ter his break, es­pe­cially now that Todd is in­volved with Phe­lan.

‘I as­sume I’ll have lots of scenes com­ing up with him and it’s go­ing to be a busy time. I do al­ways make sure I put the time in as a dad, too. Kids don’t ap­pre­ci­ate that when they’re lit­tle, but I’m sure Fred­die will when he’s older – that’s if he for­gives me for the time I told him I’d go to his school disco and dance in the mid­dle of the floor. I was only jok­ing, but he was hor­ri­fied!’

Af­ter a well-earned break, Bruno’s set for more drama as Todd turns nasty I do al­ways make sure I put the time

in as a dad

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suits you, sirs: With son Fred­die Vicar Billy brought out the good in Todd Evil phe­lan has torn apart the Grimshaws for all this week’s big soap sto­ries, see pages 24-29

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