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Todd de­cides to quit Phe­lan’s scam – but dis­cov­ers there’s no es­cape…

Poor Todd – and those are two words we never thought we’d say. He’s des­per­ate to get back with Billy and, know­ing that’s a non-starter if he car­ries on be­ing part of Phe­lan’s scam, he de­cides to do the right thing and pull out. If only it were that sim­ple...

At first, Todd’s dead set on stick­ing with the dodgy de­vel­op­ment. He tries to con­vince Billy that he was wrong about Phe­lan and that the fella is, in fact, to­tally le­git. But Billy isn’t buy­ing it, and when Todd then helps him with a com­mu­nity project that re­sults in them both end­ing up in A&E, Todd sees the light. Re­al­is­ing that re­unit­ing with the vicar is more im­por­tant than mak­ing a fast buck, he tells Phe­lan he wants out.

‘Phe­lan is ex­tremely anx­ious when Todd tells him this, for two rea­sons,’ re­veals Con­nor Mcin­tyre, who plays the slip­pery Scouser. ‘Firstly, it rocks the boat with Eileen. Also, we know there’s his­tory be­tween Phe­lan and Vinny. Phe­lan knows that Todd pulling out rep­re­sents real dan­gers in terms of Vinny just say­ing, “I’m go­ing to kill him”.

Just as Phe­lan is ex­pect­ing, Vinny hits the roof when he hears of Todd’s in­ten­tions, and he warns his part­ner-in­crime that it’s game over un­less he can per­suade the lad to stick with them.

Todd, mean­while, is equally pan­icked when he hears that Sarah has had an un­ex­pected wind­fall and plans to use the cash to buy one of the flats.

As Todd or­ders Phe­lan not to rip off his friend – and threat­ens to blow the whis­tle if he does – Phe­lan has some words of warn­ing of his own, and tells Todd ex­actly what Vinny is ca­pa­ble of.

Adds Con­nor: ‘Phe­lan isn’t scared of Vinny but he’s scared in the sense of the reper­cus­sions of what he could do. Vinny’s a loose cannon.’

Know­ing he needs to keep in Vinny’s good books if he wants to see an­other birth­day, Todd agrees to come back on board, on con­di­tion that Sarah must be re­paid any money she loses on se­cur­ing a flat. But he’s uneasy, es­pe­cially when Phe­lan then in­gra­ti­ates him­self with Billy by of­fer­ing to pay for his forth­com­ing char­ity trip. Is Todd out of his depth?

The vicar has lit­tle faith in his ex’s plans

Billy and Todd risk ev­ery­thing by re­unit­ing

Todd takes fright but Phe­lan blocks his exit

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