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Paaaam Coker re­ally hasn’t coped well with the death of her nice grand­son, Paul. She gives hubby Les even more cause for con­cern when, over din­ner with him and Ben, she blurts out that she wants to visit Paul’s killers.

Pam makes her big an­nounce­ment when talk gets round to their plea hear­ing, sched­uled for next week. Les gets all mas­ter­ful and tells his pre­cious ‘Birdy’ that it’s an ab­so­lute no, but while she agrees not to en­ter­tain the idea ever again, she later ad­mits to Honey that it’s a prom­ise she can’t keep. For her own peace of mind, she needs to talk to the men who put Paul into an early grave.

It’s not that sim­ple, of course. When Pam puts the wheels in mo­tion to make con­tact with Si­mon and co, she’s told she can’t see them.

She’s de­jected – un­til Honey comes up with an idea. But Hon’s not the sharpest tool in the box, so will her grand plan end in dis­as­ter?

It’s not all doom and gloom for the Cok­ers, as it seems they may be about to get shot of Babe

from the Square. Mick puts his foot down on Fri­day and tells the sly tri­fle-maker that she has un­til the end of the day to give Les and Pam their cash back – or else he’s re­port­ing her to the Old Bill.

Babe isn’t ex­actly loaded, hav­ing most likely spent the money she ex­torted from the Cok­ers on ex­pand­ing her vast col­lec­tion of gilets, so she tries to black­mail

Abi into lin­ing her cof­fers.

As time runs out, will Mick stay true to his word and get

Babe carted off to the nick?

Pam stuns Les and Ben when she says she wants to meet Paul’s killers

Out to lunch? Ben and Les find it hard to di­gest Pam’s prison visit wish

Honey searches for a bet­ter plan

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