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Kerry dis­cov­ers she’s preg­nant – but is her fling or her fi­ancé the daddy?

He’s al­ready im­preg­nated Char­ity in a flash. Has su­per-fer­tile Ross done the same to Kerry

Wy­att, too? When she dis­cov­ers she’s up the duff this week, the beau­ti­cian as­sumes it’s the re­sult of their fum­ble in the back of his cab.

At first, Kerry tries to con­vince her­self that her sick­ness is the re­sult of a stom­ach bug, but when she’s over­whelmed by nau­sea, she re­alises that she may be preg­nant, and does a test. She ’fesses up to Joanie and, when she fi­nally has the courage to look at the re­sult, she dis­cov­ers that it’s pos­i­tive.

‘She’s ab­so­lutely dev­as­tated,’ says Laura Nor­ton, who plays her. ‘She con­vinces her­self that it will be Ross’s. It has to be be­cause of the way her life has panned out so far. She can’t imag­ine it will be Dan’s.’

Kerry is about to break the bad news to her fi­ancé when she’s in­ter­rupted. Later, she ex­plains to Joanie that she plans to get rid of the baby be­cause Ross, not Dan, is prob­a­bly the dad.

Joanie tries to talk her out of it, but Kerry heads for the clinic, where she’s dis­ap­pointed to hear that she will have to wait for a scan be­fore she can book an abor­tion.

‘She goes into de­nial and says that hav­ing it isn’t even an op­tion for her,’ adds Laura. ‘She just has to get rid of it and she wants it all over and done with as quickly as pos­si­ble. She wants to pre­tend it never hap­pened.’

Kerry buck­les un­der the strain and, when Joanie re­veals that she’s get­ting time off to go with Zak on a visit to Belle, the gobby Ge­ordie wor­ries about be­ing on her own.

Will she crack and tell Dan the truth about her fling?

Con­cerned Joanie queries Kerry’s abor­tion de­ci­sion… … but Kerry’s made her mind up that the baby can’t be Dan’s

It’s that man again: Ross has been sow­ing wild oats

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