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Char­ity snares Cain when he re­turns to the vil­lage

Cain has to ac­cept that moira doesn’t want him back

Char­ity de­serves a medal for the sheer ef­fort she’s put into her at­tempt to bag Cain and, when he re­turns to the vil­lage, she’s on a mis­sion to snare him, good and proper.

First, though, she gets stuck into Ross – well, as re­serves go, he’s not a bad one. He’s up for tak­ing part in her scam to steal a dog for a re­ward, plus he kisses like he means it.

Their dog­nap­ping plot goes belly up, and Ross is fum­ing when Char­ity re­veals she plans to leave with his baby son Moses. He moves in for a snog and she only draws back when a po­lice car pulls up.

When Cain re­turns, Char­ity tries to make him jeal­ous by

in­sist­ing that she and Ross are an item, but he’s got big­ger things on his plate – Moira wants a divorce.

‘Cain has to ac­cept that Moira doesn’t want him back,’ says Jeff Hord­ley, who plays him. ‘He’s dev­as­tated. This isn’t what he wanted, and he’s not in a good place.’

Fed up, Cain an­nounces that he’s leav­ing the vil­lage again, but af­ter he makes snide com­ments about Char­ity and Ross, the Wool­pack land­lady re­veals she only said what she did to make him jeal­ous. He proves it did the trick when he kisses her pas­sion­ately.

Chas no­tices that Char­ity is in good spir­its and susses that it has some­thing to do with Cain. When he de­nies it, Char­ity and Chas both flip. Cain says he’s not ready to go pub­lic and Chas warns Char­ity that her brother will never love her like he does his es­tranged wife.

Over at the café, Chas asks Brenda if she will come with her to break the news to Moira that Char­ity and Cain are back to­gether, but the brood­ing me­chanic soon hits upon his own way of spread­ing the word.

Ex­plains Jeff: ‘He knows that if he tells Brenda he’s with Char­ity and asks her to keep it se­cret, it will go vi­ral.’

It even­tu­ally falls to Adam to break the news to his mum, but she barely raises an eye­brow, as she has her mind on far big­ger con­cerns.

Just what, ex­actly?

Ross has his uses for bad girl

Char­ity The knives – and spoons – are out when Cain en­rages Chas

Jeal­ous guy… but Cain is cau­tious about go­ing pub­lic

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