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Af­ter a series of ter­ri­ble events, the vil­lagers say good­bye to one of their num­ber – but who has died?

here have been plenty of funer­als in Em­merdale over the years, but none quite like this. As mourn­ers gather by a grave­side on Mon­day in a spe­cial ‘flash-for­ward’ scene, we view­ers will have no idea who is in the cof­fin – and we’ll have to wait un­til Fri­day to find out.

In the mean­time, the soap will take us back in time, to live the same 24 hours through the eyes of sev­eral dif­fer­ent char­ac­ters, any one of whom could be in the box.

Aaron and Robert are first up. As Aaron emerges from the bath, his other half is about to pro­pose, but he’s stopped in his tracks by Lach­lan. The teenager has ques­tions to ask about Robert and Re­becca, and threat­ens to lie that Robert has sex­u­ally abused him if he doesn’t get an­swers.

Aaron over­hears the con­ver­sa­tion and re­acts by bundling Lach­lan into the boot of his car – this hap­pens so of­ten in Em­merdale, it’s a won­der they bother with pas­sen­ger seats. The lad es­capes, forc­ing Aaron and Robert to chase him, but their pur­suit takes them to a cliff edge.

‘They’re near a mas­sive quarry

Tthat has a 60ft drop,’ ex­plains Ryan Haw­ley, who plays Robert. ‘Any of them could end up dead.’

On Tues­day, Mar­lon and Paddy head off on a camp­ing trip with lit­tle Leo, and Rhona tags along af­ter a row with Pierce. Feeling re­morse­ful, Pierce calls Rhona to apol­o­gise, but when she tells him she’s at home, he knows she’s ly­ing – he’s stand­ing in her place, Smithy Cot­tage, at the time.

‘Their ar­gu­ment was about Rhona not be­ing truth­ful and spend­ing too much time with Paddy, so it doesn’t go down well,’ says Zoe Henry, who plays Rhona. Will Pierce want re­venge?

Next, we fol­low ter­ri­fied farmer James Bar­ton as he tries to es­cape from Wi­ley’s Farm, where Emma is hold­ing him pris­oner. When she’s out of the house,

James scrawls ‘I do not’ across their wed­ding vows, and plans to use a spare key to let him­self out.

‘He’s half­way down the stairs when he hears a van ar­rive de­liv­er­ing birds for Emma,’ re­veals Bill Ward, who plays him. ‘He drags him­self back up­stairs and tries to get the driver’s at­ten­tion, but the window is painted shut and he can’t be heard. He then falls down the stairs and lands in a heap, just as Emma comes home.’

Fi­nally, on Thurs­day, we spend time with de­men­tia suf­ferer Ash­ley, who de­te­ri­o­rates to such a point that he for­gets baby Dotty is his own child at her chris­ten­ing.

As events reach a cli­max, car­nage en­sues. Three of the vil­lagers end up in hospi­tal, fight­ing for their lives, and one of them doesn’t make it. But who?

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As Robert and Lach­lan tus­sle on a clifftop, even Aaron isn’t safe

What will jeal­ous Pierce do when he re­alises Rhona is with her ex, Paddy?

Is Emma go­ing to clob­ber James with that chicken?

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