Death at the beach?

Nick’s left fight­ing for his life af­ter get­ting sucked into quick­sand on a trip to the coast

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When Leanne sum­mons Peter, Toyah, Nick and Steve for a peace sum­mit in the Bistro, Nick sug­gests they put aside their dif­fer­ences and have a day at the beach, tak­ing Si­mon and Oliver with them. But it’s a de­ci­sion he comes to re­gret when he finds him­self sucked into quick­sand, with no one around to help.

Leanne doesn’t know that her other half has an ul­te­rior mo­tive for the trip. ‘Nick is hop­ing that Steve or Peter will mess up, and that he can ex­pose the two men in some way,’ re­veals star Ben Price. A friendly kick-around soon de­scends into a petty squab­ble, and Nick then shoots him­self in the foot by telling Peter that he knows the alibi Leanne gave him was false, as he saw him on the night of Ken’s at­tack. He hasn’t counted on Leanne over­hear­ing him. She’s fu­ri­ous that he stayed quiet when he could’ve cleared Peter’s name, and calls time on their relationship.

Lea heads home with ‘our Toyah’, while Peter and Steve also make to leave – but not be­fore telling Nick that it’d be best for ev­ery­one if he walked out to sea.

Stung by their words, Nick storms off, un­aware that he’s head­ing to a treach­er­ous part of the shore­line. Sud­denly, he’s sucked down into some quick­sand. As his cries for help go un­heard, he pulls out his mo­bile phone, only to drop it and see it sink out of reach.

It’s not look­ing good as the water reaches his waist and he pan­ics when he no­tices the rapidly ris­ing tide. We’re told that Leanne is later left cry­ing over her loss. Does this mean Nick’s a goner?

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Fran­tic: Nick shouts for help as the tide rises

Leanne over­hears Nick goad­ing Peter

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