Red­wa­ter’s Oisín Stack

Oisin Stack on play­ing Kat’s se­cret killer son, rub­bing shoul­ders with robert De Niro and why his real mum's de­lighted about his lat­est role

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Oisin Stack tells us that his mum was thrilled to bits when he told her he’d landed a star­ring role along­side Shane Richie and Jessie Wal­lace in Eastenders spin-off, Red­wa­ter.

‘She’s a big Eastenders fan, so the deci­bel level in­creased ten­fold when I told her I’d got a role in a new drama about Kat and Al­fie,’ smiles the 35-year-old ac­tor, who plays Fa­ther Der­mott Dolan in the sin­is­ter six-part BBC1 mys­tery, which con­tin­ues this week.

View­ers were left stunned af­ter the open­ing episode which saw Fa­ther Der­mott mur­der

Lance Byrne, the man who told him he was Kat’s se­cret adopted son in the fi­nal mo­ments.

And Oisin prom­ises us there are still a lot more shocks and reve­la­tions to come in Red­wa­ter… We find out very quickly that Der­mott is Kat’s se­cret adopted son and a killer as well. How much did you know be­fore­hand? I got a sense early on that Der­mott was an un­sta­ble guy and feels pretty hard done by. Af­ter he mur­ders Lance I’d a clearer pic­ture of what I was deal­ing with! There are so many more twists and turns to come. The fi­nal episode is the text­book def­i­ni­tion of an amaz­ing cliffhanger; I’m re­ally ex­cited for peo­ple to see it.

Is it ex­haust­ing or fun to play such a com­plex char­ac­ter? Ex­haust­ing can also be fun! This is my first time as a vil­lain; I usu­ally play best-friend roles, so for me it’s bril­liant. It’s ex­haust­ing to spend the day scream­ing, cry­ing, and do­ing hor­ren­dous things, yet it’s also so much fun to be able to act this way. I was knack­ered by the end of the day but also felt sat­is­fied

I’d done a hard day’s work.

Did your mum visit you while film­ing Red­wa­ter in Ire­land?

She spent a week with me and was in­cred­i­bly ex­cited! One evening we went to the pub with Shane and Jessie – it pretty much made her life!

Tell us more about your­self…

My mother is French and my fa­ther Ir­ish. Un­til I was 11 I grew up out­side Dublin in Ark­low. It was the Eight­ies and my mum, as the only for­eigner in town, was al­ways known as ‘Marie, the French Lady’. We then lived in Bordeaux for 18 months. Af­ter that I moved to Chich­ester on the south coast of Eng­land.

How did you end up in Red­wa­ter? My pro­fes­sional life de­vel­oped in France but I’ve also worked on the film The Fam­ily [2013], a TV re­make of Rose­mary’s Baby and a Rus­sian pro­duc­tion called Mata Hari. Film­ing in English made me re­alise I wanted to work in English again be­cause I re­ally miss it. I signed up to a Uk-ir­ish agent and luck­ily got cast in Red­wa­ter a few months later!

Were you starstruck work­ing with Robert De Niro and

Michelle Pfeif­fer in The Fam­ily? Ab­so­lutely! I was sup­posed to be in a scene with them both but it was writ­ten out. How­ever, on two days our timeta­bles crossed over. On the first day I didn’t re­alise they’d turned up early and were watch­ing me film my scenes! I turned around to see this man I recog­nise stand­ing up to shake my hand. I can’t re­mem­ber what I said, I be­came an ab­so­lute idiot. I watched them film­ing later and it was a mas­ter­class to see two con­sum­mate pro­fes­sion­als at work.

Could there be an­other sec­ond se­ries of Red­wa­ter?

You never know. A cliffhanger leaves it open and the writ­ers can weave dif­fer­ent possibilities. There’s more to Red­wa­ter than Der­mott’s adop­tion. Many other things get un­cov­ered and come to light.

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There are so many more twists and turns to come

Oisin with his

Red­wa­ter co-star Jessie Wal­lace Un­holy: Oisin as deeply-dis­turbed pri­est Fa­ther Der­mott Dolan

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