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(21 March-19 April)

Your plan­e­tary boss, Mars, op­poses se­ri­ous Saturn on Mon­day. A boss, older rel­a­tive or some­one in au­thor­ity could throw some chal­lenges your way. You’re be­ing tested Aries… so re­sist the urge to lose your cool!

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(20 April-20 May)

You’re chang­ing plans as of­ten as your socks at the mo­ment. But in the next few days some­thing will click and you’ll fi­nally feel that you’re on the right track. All it will take is one small lucky break…

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(21 May-20 June)

Mer­cury, the planet that in­flu­ences you most, dances with Nep­tune on Sun­day and brings ro­mance into your week­end. It’s a great time to have your pho­to­graph taken or to buy some­thing lux­u­ri­ous or pretty.

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(21 June-22 July)

It’s the lit­tle things that will bring the most com­fort this week – good food, a friendly smile, a cosy chat. Th­ese are re­minders of how spe­cial you are to the peo­ple close to you – and that’s what re­ally matters.

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(23 July-22 Au­gust)

Your ideas are dy­na­mite this week, but be care­ful who you share your plans with – es­pe­cially at work. At the end of the week, a face from the past may ap­pear like a guardian an­gel to give you a hand.

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(23 Au­gust-22 Septem­ber)

You’re sur­rounded by peo­ple pan­ick­ing over noth­ing. Be the voice of san­ity and don’t get in­fected by the fear, even if that leaves you on your own for a while. Stay strong and oth­ers will fol­low where you lead.

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(23 Septem­ber-23 Oc­to­ber)

You’re in a re­al­is­tic, but not pes­simistic frame of mind. You see what’s ahead and are able to nav­i­gate around any ob­jects. It’s also a good time to make long-term plans – es­pe­cially if they in­volve a part­ner.

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(24 Oc­to­ber-22 Novem­ber)

With Mer­cury mak­ing an aus­pi­cious an­gle to your ruler Pluto mid­week, you may feel like you know ex­actly what you want to say or write. Your mes­sage is clear and get­ting oth­ers to see your point of view should be easy.

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(23 Nov-21 De­cem­ber)

Op­tions may feel thin on the ground at the mo­ment, but the uni­verse wants you to fo­cus on one thing at a time. It will reap re­wards, so avoid dis­trac­tions and get to the heart of what you think or feel.

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(22 De­cem­ber-20 Jan­uary)

Friends may con­fide in you or ask for your help, and you could be privy to in­for­ma­tion that makes things a bit awk­ward. You’ll feel more com­fort­able be­ing on your own – at least you’ll be in good com­pany.

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(21 Jan­uary-18 Fe­bru­ary)

On Wed­nes­day, ac­tion planet Mars makes a pleas­ant an­gle to Uranus. If you need an en­ergy boost – here it is. Make sure you have a chal­lenge ahead to make the most of the en­ergy, oth­er­wise you’ll just feel rest­less.

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(19 Fe­bru­ary-20 March)

You of­ten have an un­canny in­sight into what mo­ti­vates oth­ers, but it’s time to point your ra­zor-like in­tu­ition at your­self. It’s a par­tic­u­larly ex­cel­lent week for break­ing habits and form­ing health­ier rou­tines.

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