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1. Spring­watch first aired in 2005 – can you name the orig­i­nal pre­sent­ing trio? And you’ll get a bonus point if you can tell us they were based?

Michaela: Kate Hum­ble,

Bill Od­die and Si­mon King.

Chris: They were based on a farm in Devon.

TVT: Cor­rect and you got the bonus point! 2 points

2. How many dif­fer­ent species of hedge­hog are there in the world?

Michaela: I don’t have a clue! Five? Chris: No, it’s more than five. I’m go­ing be­tween 12 and 18. 15?

TVT: Close – there are 17. 0 points

3. When were grey squir­rels in­tro­duced to Bri­tain?

Chris (be­fore we’ve even fin­ished ask­ing the ques­tion!): 1876.

TVT: Im­pres­sive! 1 point

4. What is the col­lec­tive noun for a) star­lings and b) frogs?

Michaela: Star­lings must be a mur­mu­ra­tion. Frogs are… an army?

TVT: Ex­cel­lent! 1 point

5. Pur­ple hairstreak and Large skip­per are…?

Chris: But­ter­flies.

TVT: You’re on fire! 1 point

6. What fam­ily do ot­ters and weasals be­long to?

Michaela: Mustel­idae. Chris: Cor­rect!

TVT: Yes! 1 point

7. True or false: Barn owls have lop­sided ear open­ings?

To­gether: True.

Chris: It en­ables them to judge the dis­tance that a sound is away from them with­out mov­ing from one place to an­other.

TVT: Spot on. 1 point

8. What is the sci­en­tific name for a puf­fin?

Chris: Frater­cula arc­tica. TVT: Wow! 1 point

9. Which Bri­tish crea­ture hit head­lines re­cently when it was re­vealed that a com­mon spring pes­ti­cide could af­fect its life cy­cle?

Michaela: Bees.

TVT: Yes! 1 point

10. Spring is an im­por­tant breed­ing time for toads. Who voiced Toad in itv’s 1983 adap­ta­tion of the wind in the wil­lows?

Michaela: Ian Carmichael.

TVT. No, Ian voiced Rat.

David Jason was Toad. 0 points

11. What did Beatrix Pot­ter name her lead­ing fox?

Chris: I’ve never read them.

Michaela: What’s a foxy name? TVT: It’s Mr Tod! 0 points

12. Spring af­fair was a 1976 hit for which disco singer?

Michaela: Donna Sum­mer. TVT: Yes! You got 10 out of 13. Well done!

Chris: You did well with the frog guess, Michaela, I didn’t know that. It was a good quiz, I liked that, thank you TV Times!

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