I love you!

Denise lays her heart on the line to Kush. Will the pair re­unite?

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she hopes that now she has been hon­est, they can start again

The course of true love never did run smooth, as Mr Shake­speare once wrote, and that’s cer­tainly been the case for Denise and Kush. One minute, they were at it like rab­bits; the next thing you know, Dee wouldn’t give the buff stall­holder the time of day. What Kush still doesn’t re­alise is that Denise didn’t sud­denly go off him, but ac­tu­ally pushed him away so he wouldn’t find out about the des­per­ate state of her fi­nances – a tragic love story that the Bard would have been proud of. But could there be a way back for the lusty pair? Now that Patrick and Kim know the truth about what re­ally hap­pened to cash­strapped Denise, things are on the up for the strug­gling stu­dent. But while Denise is de­lighted to fi­nally have some food in her belly, Kim is still very wor­ried about her sis­ter. And, when the two have a heartto-heart, she gives her some ad­vice that prompts Denise to reach out to Kush and apol­o­gise for hav­ing dropped him like a hot potato.

‘Denise is fiercely in­de­pen­dent and al­ways wants to prove to ev­ery­one that she is a grafter

and can cope on her own. But in do­ing so, she has a ten­dency to shut peo­ple out, and Kim is aware of this more than most,’ says our Easten­ders source.

‘Kim tries to en­cour­age her to open up a lit­tle bit, and points out that she is deny­ing her­self a shot at hap­pi­ness if she doesn’t let peo­ple in.’

With Kim’s words strik­ing a chord, Denise sets out to sal­vage her re­la­tion­ship with Kush, and asks him out for a drink. Kush agrees, but the in­vi­ta­tion goes down like a lead bal­loon with Carmel, who thinks her for­mer best friend is only play­ing with her son’s feel­ings.

When they get to The Vic,

Denise takes a deep breath and tries to ex­plain to Kush how she fell on hard times, was em­bar­rassed about her sit­u­a­tion and didn’t want any­one to know. And she goes on to apol­o­gise for break­ing his heart and tells him she loves him.

‘It’s a big step for Denise,’ adds our source, ‘and she hopes that now she has been open and hon­est, they can start all over again.’

But will a wounded Kush take her back, or will he de­cide that Denise’s lack of trust in him is too much to for­give and for­get?

Smiles apart? Kush and Denise en­ter the sal­vage busi­ness

The way they were... but will Kush take Denise back?

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