Pay up… or else!

Venge­ful Rakesh tries to black­mail Jai for cash – and Priya gets ar­rested

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Priya de­serves a medal for the way she’s stuck by firestarter Rakesh, but she’s fi­nally had enough of play­ing the du­ti­ful wife. This week, she announces that not only does she no longer love him, but she’s slept with an­other man. The reve­la­tion sends Rakesh off the rails, and he ends up try­ing to black­mail Jai, Lawence and Ron­nie.

The guilt has been eat­ing away at Priya, and she fi­nally con­fesses af­ter she and Rakesh have moved in with Pete and Leyla. ‘It doesn’t go down great!’ says Fiona Wade, who plays the feisty fac­tory boss. ‘He gets re­ally an­gry and as­sumes that she slept with David. Rakesh re­alises he has got noth­ing left to lose and goes a bit crazy.’

Fum­ing over what he’s heard, Rakesh steals Priya’s notebook, con­tain­ing all the pass­words to the Shar­mas’ bank ac­counts, then heads to the fac­tory to fleece the fam­ily. When Jai sud­denly turns up and threat­ens to call the po­lice, Rakesh says he will im­pli­cate Priya if he isn’t given cash.

Jai makes out he is go­ing to pay Rakesh off, but he only gives him a pal­try £50. So, the un­hinged lawyer goes to Home Farm and asks for £50,000 in ex­change for keep­ing quiet about Lawrence and Ron­nie’s part in the fire and fram­ing Andy. They, too, stand firm and refuse.

Things then get messy when Rakesh turns up again with a crow­bar and de­mands that Lach­lan open the safe. There’s a strug­gle and the lad is hurt.

Priya ap­pears and urges Rakesh to leave – un­aware that Lach­lan is eaves­drop­ping. Later on, the po­lice ar­rive and she’s ar­rested. Will Rakesh flee? And will Priya be charged?


Rakesh de­mands money from Jai

Sharm­ing: Priya is ar­rested

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