Emmerdale, Hol­lyoaks and Doc­tors

He gives Rhona the shock of her life when he shows up unan­nounced in her home…

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She thinks, “He’s my hus­band, who’s go­ing

to be­lieve me?”

Rhona’s worst night­mare comes true when she walks into the liv­ing room and finds her rapist hus­band Pierce there with that creepy look of feigned in­no­cence all over his face.

She’s been dread­ing his re­turn ever since he scarpered from the vil­lage fol­low­ing his bru­tal at­tack. Best mate Vanessa has, too, and, at the start of the week, she urges her pal to go to the po­lice and name him as her rapist. Rhona knows it’s the right thing to do, but she’s dread­ing it. ‘She feels stupid, as if some­how it was her fault,’ says star Zoë Henry. ‘She thinks, “He’s my hus­band, who’s go­ing to be­lieve me?” Her worst fear is peo­ple find­ing out be­cause of the shame she feels.’

While Vanessa is a pil­lar of sup­port for Rhona, oth­ers in­ad­ver­tently make things worse. Mar­lon, who knows noth­ing of Rhona’s or­deal, is re­luc­tant to let her spend time on her own with their son Leo, on ac­count of the fact that she’s only just out of re­hab for her ad­dic­tion to painkillers.

Paddy, mean­while, is so wor­ried about his ex wife that he calls Pierce and ar­ranges to meet him. The well-in­ten­tioned vet tells him all about Rhona’s re­hab spell and begs him to come home, say­ing that he’s the one per­son who can re­ally help her. Like Mar­lon, Paddy’s also un­aware of the rape. Nei­ther does Paddy re­alise what a ma­nip­u­la­tive liar Pierce is, and that by re­veal­ing in­for­ma­tion about Rhona’s drug prob­lem, he has po­ten­tially handed him ‘am­mu­ni­tion’ to use against her.

As a tragic re­sult of Paddy’s in­ter­ven­tion, Pierce is soon back in the vil­lage, and Rhona is frozen with fear as soon as she claps eyes on him. ‘From that one in­ci­dent, ev­ery­thing else that he has done has come into fo­cus,’ adds Zoë.

Pierce’s re­turn does, how­ever, give her the mo­ti­va­tion she needs to fi­nally name him as her at­tacker. Will Pierce now end up do­ing time for his crime? Or will he man­age to twist the truth yet again?

Kitchen sink drama: Pierce con­fronts Rhona

Driv­ing force: Paddy per­suades Pierce to re­turn to the vil­lage

Re­al­ity check: Will Rhona open up to Paddy and Mar­lon

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