Emma tries to keep young Arthur quiet about the video

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Emma’s in a panic. Young Arthur is about to spill the beans over her dirty deeds, so she sets out to de­stroy his video ev­i­dence. Then Lau­rel walks in on her rum­mag­ing in his toy­box. Find out what Emma does next on

She is the Queen of ma­nip­u­la­tion, but Emma Barton is fast re­al­is­ing that try­ing to stop young Arthur Thomas from blab­bing about that video isn’t child’s play. He knows some­thing is afoot, de­spite her best ef­forts to ex­plain away the footage that shows her try­ing to con­fuse Ash­ley when he was in the grip of de­men­tia.

Emma starts out by try­ing to con Arthur by feed­ing him the old ‘It wasn’t what it looked like’ line, and has the per­fect op­por­tu­nity when she of­fers to help Lau­rel by tak­ing the lad to the bus stop.

‘Emma makes out she was try­ing to help Ash­ley,’ ex­plains star Gil­lian Kear­ney, ‘but Arthur doesn’t be­lieve her, and Emma re­alises she will have to de­stroy the ev­i­dence. It’s painful know­ing that Ash­ley’s videos are pre­cious mem­o­ries for the fam­ily, but she has to plough on and take this out of Arthur’s hands.’

Emma puts her plan into ac­tion dur­ing a walk with Lau­rel. Fak­ing an in­jury, she sneaks back to Mul­berry Cot­tage to find the video. But Lau­rel re­turns un­ex­pect­edly, and catches the nutty nurse nos­ing about in her home. What’s more, she’s so con­cerned about Emma’s odd be­hav­iour that she has a word with Har­riet about it.

Run­ning out of op­tions, a panic-stricken Emma asks God for guid­ance. ‘Emma re­ally be­lieves that God doesn’t want her se­cret to get out,’ say Gil­lian, ‘and comes up with yet an­other idea. She sets a trap and then lures Arthur in.’

But Arthur is a tough nut to crack, and Emma’s frus­tra­tion mounts as, af­ter a valiant ef­fort and some world class con­niv­ing, the young­ster ex­plains that he is go­ing to tell his mum every­thing.

It looks like Emma’s luck has fi­nally run out – but then she is handed an un­ex­pected life­line. As her mind games take their toll on Arthur, the school­boy starts to wet the bed. Des­per­ate to help her son, Lau­rel de­cides to seek ad­vice – and reck­ons Emma, with her med­i­cal knowl­edge and kindly tone, is the per­fect per­son to turn to.

Is Emma set to ex­ploit the sit­u­a­tion to her ad­van­tage?

Emma makes out she was try­ing to help Ash­ley, but Arthur doesn’t be­lieve her

Con­niv­ing: Emma ma­nip­u­lates Arthur

Caught in the act: Lau­rel sees Emma ri­fling through her things

Un­easy:arthur’s bed-wet­ting wor­ries Lau­rel

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