Rhona drops the charges

The ter­ri­fied new­ly­wed re­thinks the rape al­le­ga­tions against Pierce

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Rhona is se­ri­ously rat­tled af­ter learn­ing who was be­hind the break-ins that left her trau­ma­tised, and re­acts by an­nounc­ing that she is go­ing to tell the po­lice to drop the rape charge against Pierce.

Paddy and Vanessa can’t be­lieve their ears, as both would like to see the twisted so­lic­i­tor strung up for what he did to their friend.

‘Paddy is kick­ing him­self that he ever soft­ened to­wards Pierce,’ says Zoe Henry who plays Rhona. ‘He feels wretched and over­pro­tec­tive. Vanessa, of course, has wanted to see Pierce get his come­up­pance from the out­set, but Rhona is scared. She feels a wreck, and doesn’t think she has the strength to take it to court. She won­ders if the lesser of two evils is to bury it and hope it goes away.’

Pierce is hor­ri­bly smug when Rhona vis­its him at work to say she is do­ing a u-turn and drop­ping the charges. But when he jokes with his pals as Rhona walks away, it jolts the vet into ac­tion. Re­al­is­ing she can’t let him get away with his evil act, she snaps and changes her mind. By the time she has ar­rived home, Pierce has been charged.

But de­spite her coura­geous move, Rhona re­mains on edge.

She knows what her es­tranged hus­band is like, and con­fesses to Vanessa that she is afraid he will twist the facts in court.

‘Pierce is a ma­nip­u­la­tive, ar­tic­u­late and smart guy,’ says Zoe. ‘Rhona thinks “What if he twists it and doesn’t go down?” Every­thing has been re­vealed and he is still at large. She will have to live with it and will be­come a dif­fer­ent per­son be­cause of it. It’s an in­cred­i­bly dif­fi­cult sit­u­a­tion.’

Will Rhona’s worst fears come true or will she get jus­tice?

Scared: Rhona is un­sure about go­ing to court

Cocky: Pierce laughs at Rhona

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