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I loved all the stuff with Spi­der when Toyah be­came an eco war­rior. I think when you are a teenager, you are look­ing for di­rec­tion and you soak things up like a sponge – and she re­ally did. And I loved it when Ken Bar­low tu­tored her. At the mo­ment, I love work­ing with Chris Gas­coyne [Peter Bar­low]. I think you live or die by the peo­ple you work with, and Chris is fan­tas­tic.


I’ve never laughed so much as I did when I worked with Bradley Walsh [Danny Baldwin]. I was preg­nant at the time – the tricks they came up with to hide my bump! The best one was when they had me carry a box of knick­ers at Un­der­world and they cut a hole in the side of it to put my bump in! And I’ve loved Leanne’s re­la­tion­ships with Peter and Nick [Ben Price].

A young Toyah

with Spi­der

Leanne with her ex, Danny

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