Jack P. Shep­herd on David and Max’s pain over Kylie’s Cor­rie death

a year af­ter Kylie’s death, our cover star Jack P shep­herd talks to TV Times about why there’s more trou­ble ahead this sum­mer…

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How do David and the rest of the Platt fam­ily mark the an­niver­sary of Kylie’s pass­ing this week?

They have a pic­nic in the gar­den. David has ban­ished Shona from Weather­field by this point but, lo and be­hold, she re­turns to the street that very day. He re­ally loses his tem­per and says: ‘What are you do­ing? This isn’t fair!’ and then he finds out that Sarah’s the one who asked her to come back! She thinks that Shona is the only per­son who can re­ally help Bethany.

Is David’s anger to­wards Shona less about who her son is and more about the fact that she de­ceived him when he was fall­ing for her?

I think it’s both. If she wasn’t who she was, every­thing would be hunky dory and they’d be at it like rab­bits now! But be­cause she’s Clay­ton’s mum, he just feels like he’s be­tray­ing Kylie. He hates him­self for hav­ing fan­cied her. He’s not in a good place, so he lashes out and gets an­gry.

One year on, is David more at peace with Kylie’s death?

He’s quite tetchy. If any­one sug­gests do­ing some­thing, he has to have it done a cer­tain way. Also, Sarah’s not there, and David doesn’t know where she is. He’s like ‘She knows how im­por­tant to­day is.’ Shona’s ar­rival is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. In terms of grief, he’s still very much in the mid­dle of that. Or rather, he hasn’t grieved – that’s the thing. He has the kids and he’s had to be solid for them, so I don’t think he’s ever been in a po­si­tion to grieve.

How do you think Kylie’s death has changed David?

He’s not had much op­por­tu­nity to get into a re­la­tion­ship other than with Shona, and he has al­ways sort of put it off be­cause of Kylie – he feels he’s be­tray­ing her. As far as be­ing less trust­ing, David’s never trusted any­one, so I don’t think that has changed. There’s prob­a­bly more dark­ness to come from him…

Will Kylie’s death change him for­ever? Yes, Kylie’s death af­fected David more than any of the other things that have hap­pened in his life and, lets face it, he has packed a lot in to his life so far! She was the love of his life and they went through a lot to­gether, but David is one of those peo­ple who can com­part­men­talise things and get on with his life de­spite every­thing that has hap­pened.

David’s now a sin­gle dad to Max and Lily.

Is he a good par­ent?

Yes, I think he is, ul­ti­mately, be­cause he does every­thing with them – he’s al­ways play­ing with them and takes them to school.

But I think he may be a bit over-pro­tec­tive of them as they grow up, as a re­sult of what has hap­pened to Kylie – es­pe­cially with Lily.

How would David cope if Clay­ton was re­leased? It would be in­ter­est­ing to see, de­pend­ing on where his re­la­tion­ship is with Shona at that stage and how much she had to do with him, whether that would be a stum­bling block too many for their re­la­tion­ship. How can you be a step­dad to some­one who killed some­one you loved?

What’s on the hori­zon for David? Are there hap­pier times ahead? He de­serves some hap­pi­ness, but whether he gets it or not is a dif­fer­ent

mat­ter. Ob­vi­ously, there’s a lot go­ing on at the Platts’ at the mo­ment, with Shona knock­ing about, and every­thing that has hap­pened with Bethany and Nathan. And Nick has left, so there isn’t that sane per­son to bring the fam­ily to­gether. It doesn’t look good for the next few weeks.

Do you think David would ever be able to get over his bit­ter­ness and find love with Shona? Pos­si­bly, but he’s go­ing to have to come to terms with the fact that she is Clay­ton’s mum and that’s not go­ing to change. If he wants a re­la­tion­ship, he’s go­ing to have to be able to look past it, so that ev­ery time he looks at her, he doesn’t think of Clay­ton.

David’s not only had Kylie’s death to deal with, but also the de­par­ture of Nick, who was al­ways his sound­ing board. Would you like him to find a friend?

He doesn’t have any mates, does he? He’s got no-one who he goes for a beer with. There was Nick, but now he has gone – I sup­pose that’s why he’s been chat­ting to Maria so much, be­cause there lit­er­ally is no one else. But he’s got two kids to bring up on his own, so it’s not like he can just nip off to the pub with his mates even if he had any. I think that’s the dif­fi­cult spot that he’s in, he’s go­ing to have to find time to get out there and meet peo­ple.

Is there any­one you would like to do more scenes with, or any new non-ro­man­tic re­la­tion­ships that you think would be good for David?

I’ve al­ways said I want more scenes with Dev. Maybe David could be put in a po­si­tion where he needs more money, and he gets an evening job at Dev’s shop. I imag­ine it opens from 7am till 11pm, but you don’t see any­one in it at night time. David could be work­ing there at nights, to make ends meet, and he’d be in there with Dev – that’d be in­ter­est­ing! It wouldn’t last long, though, be­cause David would be sacked or he’d quit, be­cause Dev is too much!

Un­fin­ished busi­ness: David still hasn’t fin­ished griev­ing for Kylie Max re­spect: But is David over-pro­tec­tive of his son? The way for­ward:

What does the fu­ture hold for David and Max?

David’s never had the chance

to grieve for Kylie be­cause he has the kids and he’s had to be solid for them

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