Se­crets of China’s For­bid­den City

Doc­u­men­tary / 8.00pm / C4

TV Times - - Sunday Highlights -

The home of em­per­ors go­ing back to the Ming dy­nasty, the For­bid­den City in the cen­tre of Beijing is listed by UNESCO as the largest col­lec­tion of pre­served an­cient wooden struc­tures in the world. This one-off doc­u­men­tary goes into ar­eas tourists never get to see, down the locked halls and into the mighty roofs, to re­veal not just why the city was built but also how. A se­quence show­ing how an en­tire mar­ble stair­case might have been moved us­ing an ice road is par­tic­u­larly im­pres­sive, and an ex­per­i­ment us­ing a scale model of the 980-build­ing com­plex shows how clever engi­neer­ing protects the City from earth­quakes.

Crew film­ing at the For­bid­den City

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