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mon, WED, fri / ITV Cather­ine Tyldes­ley’s Eva teams up with shady solic­i­tor Adam, and later in the week we can see Cather­ine’s hubby, per­sonal trainer Tom Pit­field, in Eat, Shop, Save (page 23). I like Tom’s style as he says ex­er­cise doesn’t have to in­volve the gym!

in the gin­nel, where she tells him she wants to for­get about Ai­dan’s af­fair for the sake of her baby. But in a twist, the pair then col­lude to bring Ai­dan down to­gether.

‘Adam re­ally dis­likes Ai­dan,’ ex­plains Cather­ine Tyldes­ley, who plays Eva. ‘He says to Eva: ‘If we screw him over to­gether, we might get more out of him than you would on your own.” She is ex­tremely re­luc­tant, but he’s quite charm­ing and man­ages to twist her arm.’

Adam starts out by get­ting Eva to per­suade Ai­dan to buy the flat in her name. He then sets his sights on an even big­ger prize. He sug­gests to Eva that they try to get their hands on Un­der­world, so she then charms her boyfriend into giv­ing her a job in the of­fice. Is Ai­dan about to lose ev­ery­thing?

Snakes in the grass: Adam and Eva scheme to bleed Ai­dan dry

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