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Carmel sleeps with schemer Max – but he only wants her for one thing…

Poor Carmel thinks she’s found the per­fect man in Max Bran­ning. Lit­tle does she re­alise that the schemer is only in­ter­ested in her for her in­side in­for­ma­tion on Wal­ford Coun­cil’s plan­ning depart­ment.

‘Carmel and Max have a lot in com­mon, and she feels that he’s a very sup­port­ive soul,’ says Bon­nie Lang­ford, who plays her. ‘She has no pre-con­ceived ideas be­cause she’s fairly new to Wal­ford and she sees what is best in peo­ple.

‘He’s given her en­cour­age­ment where other peo­ple wouldn’t, and she’s very ap­pre­cia­tive of that.’

When Max called round for din­ner last week, it wasn’t Carmel’s body that he wanted to get his hands on, but her top-se­cret coun­cil files. This week, he fi­nally gets his mits on the pa­pers – but what is he plot­ting?

Carmel, mean­while, gets some doc­u­ments of her own, but they don’t leave her feel­ing quite so chip­per. They’re di­vorce pa­pers from es­tranged hus­band, Umar. Feel­ing low, she con­fides in best mate Denise, whose pep talk prompts Carmel to call Max. He pops round, and asks her to keep their ‘re­la­tion­ship’ on the quiet.

Carmel agrees, ex­cited by the prospect of hav­ing a se­cret ro­mance, and she lies to Denise that Max isn’t her new man when she gets glammed up for a ro­man­tic evening with him. Ma­nip­u­la­tive Max lit­er­ally charms the pants off her, and the pair end up get­ting jiggy in a ho­tel room. How long will he keep lead­ing her up the gar­den path?

Se­cret plans: Max is af­ter more than Carmel’s body

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