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(21 March-19 April)

You’ll get an ego boost when the Sun meets sexy Mars on Thurs­day. For a day or so be­fore and af­ter, you’ll feel like you’re in the driv­ing seat, with the des­ti­na­tion yours to choose. En­joy the power, but use it wisely.


(20 April-20 May)

Venus op­poses Saturn on Mon­day, which could make you feel less mo­ti­vated than usual. Your fo­cus might wa­ver, but a gen­tle shove in the right di­rec­tion will snap you back into ac­tion. Let your loved ones ad­vise you.


(21 May-20 June)

You need to get in­volved with some­thing new. It’s the week to ex­pand your hori­zons. Let go of past hurts and con­cen­trate on build­ing a more op­ti­mistic fu­ture. If a fam­ily mem­ber wants to help, ac­cept their of­fer.


(21 June-22 July)

The Sun shines from the part of your horoscope as­so­ci­ated with con­tem­pla­tion. This is a good time to avoid the hus­tle and bus­tle – take a hol­i­day or just spend a few hours en­joy­ing some peace and quiet.


(23 July-22 Au­gust)

The Sun re­turns to your sign on Satur­day, mak­ing it one of the most im­por­tant times of the year for mak­ing a fresh start. By Sun­day, any new cre­ative ven­tures will start to gain mo­men­tum.


(23 Au­gust-22 Septem­ber)

Mer­cury, your mys­ti­cal master, moves into your sign on Tues­day. Your ideas will boil over – be sure to cap­ture your ge­nius by writ­ing down any­thing in­ter­est­ing be­fore it van­ishes into the fog.


(23 Septem­ber-23 Oc­to­ber)

A tense re­la­tion­ship should fi­nally be­gin to thaw. Be­ing the big­ger per­son and mak­ing the first move will break the ice, but don’t feel you need to rush back to where you were be­fore – things ought to be dif­fer­ent this time.


(24 Oc­to­ber-22 Novem­ber)

At the start of the year you had big plans. You’ve made great head­way in some ar­eas, but a cou­ple of things got swept un­der the rug. This week, the dust un­der that rug will come back to haunt you – face it head on!


(23 Nov-21 De­cem­ber)

You’ve turned a cor­ner and are headed in a new di­rec­tion, but things feel icky. Don’t turn back now – you’re at the most im­por­tant part of your jour­ney, and it’s meant to feel a lit­tle scary. Walk on bravely.


(22 De­cem­ber-20 Jan­uary)

Con­nect­ing with oth­ers on an emo­tional level may be dif­fi­cult this week as you might not be com­pletely at ease with your own feel­ings. But any ef­forts to reach out to oth­ers will be re­warded ten­fold.


(21 Jan­uary-18 Fe­bru­ary)

Mer­cury, the planet of ideas forms a for­tu­nate an­gle to Uranus at the start of the week. Uranus is your rul­ing planet and will re­spond to this lucky event by gift­ing you bril­liant new an­swers to old nag­ging prob­lems.


(19 Fe­bru­ary-20 March)

You’re a com­pas­sion­ate soul, but some­times oth­ers take ad­van­tage of your em­pa­thy. You need to draw bound­aries, oth­er­wise the line be­tween where you end and some­one else be­gins gets blurry.

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