I’m en­gaged… to woody!

Whit­ney’s stronger, more con­fi­dent and won’t be pushed around Whit­ney re­turns to Wal­ford with shock news for Mick

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Poor Whit­ney left Wal­ford in such a state that we won­dered whether she might end up on the streets of Lon­don, like Diane Butcher in 1990. It turns out she’s been stay­ing with her brother, Ryan, and has been quite the busy beaver. Firstly, she’s cre­ated a whole new im­age for her­self – ditch­ing the bar­maid clob­ber for a more busi­ness-like look, and turn­ing her brunette locks red. Se­condly, she’s got it to­gether with buff bar­man Woody, who’s not just her boyfriend now, but her fi­ancé. Blimey, it’s only eight months since she mar­ried Lee.

The Carters have no idea that Whit­ney’s on her way home and, at the start of the week, they’re pre-oc­cu­pied by Fi Brown­ing’s lat­est changes to The Vic. What is it this time? Crisps and peanuts re­placed with olives and dried kale? As they’re moan­ing about

Mrs Frosty, Whit sud­denly walks in.

Mick’s stunned and, as Johnny in­sists she move back to the pub, he sup­ports his son’s idea and of­fers Whit her old job. Surly Shirley isn’t quite so wel­com­ing, though. She sent Whit­ney pack­ing af­ter find­ing out about her cheeky snog with Mick, and thought she’d seen the last of her.

‘There’s a big Shirley and Whit­ney show­down. Shirley sees Whit­ney as a kind of scar­let woman, who’s com­ing be­tween Mick and Linda,’ re­veals our East­end­ers mole. ‘But

Whit­ney’s re­turned to the Square a stronger, more con­fi­dent woman. She won’t let Shirley push her around, and tells her she’s stay­ing put.’

As Whit­ney set­tles in, she re­veals to

Mick that she has got en­gaged – and goes on to ex­plain that the lucky man is Woody. Mick went berserk, re­mem­ber, when he found the pair in bed to­gether ear­lier in the year – a touch of the green-eyed mon­ster if ever we saw one. So how will the pub land­lord re­act to the news that Woody is set to make Whit­ney his wife?

It’s not long be­fore Woody re­turns, too, and Whit­ney’s over­joyed to see him.

The cou­ple ar­range an en­gage­ment bash, but there’s ten­sion in the air be­tween Whit­ney and Mick, who end up hav­ing a heart-to-heart on The Vic roof. Is Whit­ney still har­bour­ing feel­ings for her for­mer fa­ther-in-law?

And does Mick feel the same?

Ring­ing the changes: Mick’s sur­prised to see Whit­ney’s a new woman

Look who’s back: Woody

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