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Cor­rie star Col­son Smith on Craig be­com­ing Bethany’s un­likely saviour – and grow­ing up in rough, tough Weather­field …

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He­roes come in all shapes and sizes – and there’s no greater ex­am­ple of that than Cor­rie’s Craig Tinker, saviour of Bethany Platt. The spe­cial con­sta­ble re­cently diced with dan­ger and risked his ca­reer to get his sergeant and men­tor, Neil Clifton, to con­fess to hav­ing sex with the vul­ner­a­ble school­girl, who was groomed by her ‘boyfriend’ Nathan Cur­tis.

Here, we chat to Col­son Smith, 19, who plays the un­likely hero…

Are you sur­prised that out of all the char­ac­ters in Cor­rie, it’s Craig who’s been Bethany’s saviour? Yes. You don’t au­to­mat­i­cally think of Craig as the hero, but I guess he was in the right place at the right time. Bethany needed some­body to lis­ten to her, and he’s the sort of per­son who will sit back and lis­ten, and not judge.

Craig was a dopey kid when he first came to the cob­bles and didn’t speak very much. Are you sur­prised by the man he has be­come?

Yes, and it’s been good to play the twists and turns of Craig’s life. He’s

been through a lot. When Faye had her baby we saw a dif­fer­ent per­son­al­ity, and when his dad came into the show, we saw an an­gry and pas­sion­ate side to Craig. With the Bethany story, this is prob­a­bly the first time he’s re­ally had to step out of his com­fort zone.

Craig has to face his su­pe­ri­ors at the po­lice sta­tion this week, over the way he got a con­fes­sion out of Neil. How would he feel if he was given his march­ing or­ders? Be­ing in the po­lice force is the first time where he’s felt ac­cepted and like he be­longs. He’s up­set at the thought of los­ing his job, but he un­der­stands that if that hap­pened, it’s be­cause of what he did for Bethany. So for him, that’s okay.

You joined Coro­na­tion Street in 2011. What has it been like for you, grow­ing up on a soap?

I was 12 when I joined the show, and I sup­pose that be­ing with adults and hav­ing friends that were a lot older than me means that I’ve grown up quickly and I’ve got quite an old head on my shoul­ders. I al­ways tell my friends at home that my ban­ter’s bet­ter than theirs be­cause I’ve had more ex­pe­ri­ence. I got fed to the lions the minute I turned 16 and went into

Cor­rie’s adult green room!

Do you have any be­hind-the-scenes sto­ries to share? Alan Hal­sall who plays Ty­rone is the king of ban­ter! But what hap­pens in the green room stays in the green room. Let’s just say I learnt quite early on not to leave my mo­bile phone un­ac­com­pa­nied!

When you look back at your child­hood, does it sur­prise you that you have be­come an ac­tor? My dad said to me that when you’re a par­ent and your child is first born, you hold them in your arms and you think ‘This kid is go­ing to be a…’ and he’d have never said ‘ac­tor’ in a mil­lion years. I don’t re­ally know where it came from. I was born in Devon in the most ru­ral of ru­ral places, and when I moved to York­shire and be­came a townie, I did loads of stuff af­ter school. I played foot­ball, cricket, and

I went to a drama class – and the thing that stuck was drama. I kind of got lucky with it. It was a hobby that turned se­ri­ous.

Speak­ing of chil­dren, would you like Craig to set­tle down and have a fam­ily one day?

I imag­ine Craig be­ing the sort of guy to want that life. He’s not had the best of back­grounds, and there’s not much sta­bil­ity in the Tinker fam­ily. So I think

Craig just wants sta­bil­ity and nor­mal­ity.

Craig’s fallen for Bethany – would you like them to be­come an item? It’d be in­ter­est­ing to see. Ob­vi­ously, she’s been through a lot, and I be­lieve Craig will be there as a friend. He’ll get her back onto the track of en­joy­ing her life and be­ing a teenager. If ro­mance hap­pens, it hap­pens. But it’d be nice to have more scenes with Lucy

Fal­lon, who plays her.

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Young one: Col­son when he joined Cor­rie in 2011

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