East­end­ers, Neigh­bours and Home and Away

Max or­ders Steven to come clean about his ‘brain tu­mour’

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There could be a few more walls get­ting head-butted by

Steven, whose life looks like it’s about to spec­tac­u­larly fall apart. He’s trapped Lau­ren into stay­ing with him by ly­ing that he has a brain tu­mour – a porky pie that the equally bonkers Abi and Max are in on. But this week it looks like Max has fi­nally de­vel­oped a con­science, as he or­ders Steven to tell Lau­ren the truth.

The pair’s tête-à-tête isn’t the only time that Steven’s feel­ing the heat. Ear­lier, Lau­ren dumps baby Louie on Abi and in­sists on tak­ing her 'dy­ing' boyfriend to Wal­ford Gen­eral. She won’t take no for an an­swer, and Steven’s sweat­ing like a tur­key on Christ­mas Eve in the wait­ing room. How on earth will he get out of this one?

‘Steven’s lie about be­ing ill was told in the heat of the mo­ment

– he needed to come up with some­thing fast, to stop Lau­ren leav­ing him,’ says our East­end­ers mole. ‘Now, the chick­ens are com­ing home to roost, and he’s won­der­ing how much longer he can keep up his cha­rade.’

Ter­ri­fied that he’s about to be ex­posed, Steven rings up Abi – who’s se­cretly be­sot­ted with her sis­ter’s boyfriend– to help him.

She then calls Lau­ren and lies that she’s needed at home.

Lau­ren dashes off, but Steven’s re­lief is short-lived when Max makes an ap­pear­ance. The schem­ing Mr Bran­ning con­fronts Steven about his lies, and tells him that it’s about time his daugh­ter knew the truth.

Re­turn­ing to the Square, Steven braces him­self to tell Lau­ren that he’s not got so much as a runny nose, let alone a tu­mour. As an up­set Lau­ren later breaks down on Whit­ney, has she fi­nally learnt the truth about her de­ceit­ful boyfriend?

Max con­fronts Steven about his twisted lies

Whit­ney lends a sym­pa­thetic ear to Lau­ren

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