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Nadiya Hus­sain and Zoe Ball on their fun cook­ery show for all ages – and why it’s NOT the new Bake Off

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Most of us love to dine out at fancy restau­rants from time to time.

But noth­ing beats mum’s home­made shep­herd’s pie or grandma’s sticky tof­fee pud­ding.

TV Times has come along to a con­verted barn in Shore­ham vil­lage, Kent, to watch The Big Fam­ily Cook­ing Show­down film­ing. Pre­sented by 2015 Bake Off champ Nadiya Hus­sain and Strictly: It Takes Two host Zoe Ball, the new 12-part series sees 16 very dif­fer­ent fam­i­lies bat­tle it out to be crowned the na­tion’s best fam­ily of cooks.

Each week, two fam­i­lies of three will com­pete in the stu­dio kitchen to im­press the judges, renowned chefs Rose­mary Shrager and Gior­gio Lo­catelli. The teams will also wel­come Nadiya, Zoe, Gior­gio and Rose­mary into their own homes, where they’ll whip up dishes us­ing their favourite heart-warm­ing feasts.

Here, hosts Nadiya, 32, and Zoe, 46, re­veal what tasty treats we can ex­pect on the show…

The Big Fam­ily Cook­ing Show­down will be com­pared to The Great Bri­tish Bake Off. Is that a con­cern? Zoe: Peo­ple have been ask­ing, ‘Is this the new Bake Off?’. But, truly speak­ing, Bake Off is the new Bake Off now! Ob­vi­ously, peo­ple will make the com­par­i­son be­cause Nadiya won Bake Off. I love it when our con­tes­tants see Nadiya for the first time in our stu­dio be­cause we all share that mo­ment when we all wept when she won.

Nadiya: It’s tough watch­ing the con­tes­tants get­ting judged. It has trans­ported me back to Bake Off, and I see that our con­tes­tants are en­gulfed in the mad­ness of this show, just like I was. I of­ten need to step away be­cause it’s too emo­tional.

What makes The Big Fam­ily Cook­ing Show­down dif­fer­ent from other cook­ery shows? Nadiya: Well, to start with there’s not just one con­tes­tant, there are three, all from one fam­ily, so it’s a real team ef­fort. We have a great mix of fam­i­lies from all dif­fer­ent cul­tures, cook­ing dif­fer­ent cuisines.

Zoe: Cook­ing Show­down is in­ter­gen­er­a­tional so, for ex­am­ple, we had three brothers in one fam­ily and, in an­other, we had an amaz­ing grandma who’s 80, who cooks with her daugh­ter and her grand­son. An­other thing that makes this show dif­fer­ent is that we get to go all over Bri­tain, into peo­ple’s homes, which is a real priv­i­lege.

We may have trav­elled the en­tire world in one show – it’s been heaven nadiya hus­sain

Do you see a dif­fer­ent side to these fam­i­lies when they’re cook­ing in their own homes? Nadiya: You get that com­pet­i­tive na­ture in the stu­dio and then, when you’re in their homes, you see how they re­ally cook. Peo­ple are much more com­fort­able in their homes. Zoe: Yeah, we’ve found they’re much more re­laxed be­cause they’ve got their own pots and pans around them and they know how the hob works. But this is also where view­ers get to see the re­la­tion­ships within the fam­ily: who gets on with who, who’s the boss, who thinks they’re the boss and who does every­one turn to when things start to go wrong.

Have you both al­ways cooked with your chil­dren?

Nadiya: Yes. From the mo­ment they could sit in a high chair com­fort­ably, they’ve been chop­ping veg­eta­bles and all sorts. So, with my nine- and 10-year-old, I can leave a list of in­gre­di­ents on a Post-it note for, say, Bolog­nese or pesto sauce and they can just get on with it. Grow­ing up, my dad would say, ‘You’ve got to cook’, so now I’m the same with my kids. I tell them, ‘This isn’t a restau­rant and I’m not the chef. It’s our home, so we’ve all got to cook’. Zoe: I’ve never been the great­est cook – Jamie Oliver has pretty much saved my life! But I’ve been learn­ing lots on this show – although there have been some hi­lar­i­ous mo­ments where I’ve said things like, ‘Oh, I love fen­nel’ and Nadiya’s had to tell me, ‘That’s not fen­nel, Zoe’.

How will judges Rose­mary Shrager and Gior­gio Lo­catelli be? Are they like good cop, bad cop?

Zoe: No, while there is a se­ri­ous el­e­ment as it’s a com­pe­ti­tion, Rose­mary and Gior­gio are an ab­so­lute hoot and they re­ally want to help the con­tes­tants learn. No mat­ter what hap­pens in the kitchen, Rose­mary and Gior­gio will al­ways find some­thing pos­i­tive to say. At the end of the day, some­one’s made you food and that’s quite a lov­ing act.

With all these fam­i­lies com­ing from dif­fer­ent back­grounds, what sort of cui­sine can view­ers ex­pect? Nadiya: We’ve had healthy food, in­dul­gent food and dishes pre­pared on a bud­get, things we all think about as fam­i­lies when we’re cook­ing.

And I think we may have trav­elled the en­tire world in one show – all

the dif­fer­ent colours, flavours and smells; it’s been heaven.

Zoe: We had one fam­ily where the fa­ther’s Ital­ian and the mother’s Ir­ish, but they cooked Viet­namese food! While we’ve had favourites like shep­herd’s pie, we’ve also had dishes you’d never cook at home that have re­ally had the ‘wow’ fac­tor.

Have you had to worry about your waist­lines ex­pand­ing?

Zoe: I’ve def­i­nitely put on weight – it’s a night­mare! I’m not keen on tripe, but apart from that, I’ll eat any­thing. Nadiya: I de­cided at the start that I wasn’t go­ing to bother with the scales. We’re not al­lowed to eat the food, but we try things sneak­ily. I love pota­toes cooked any way. As soon as I see them, I’m in.

We get to go all over Bri­tain, into peo­ple’s homes, which is a real priv­i­lege

zoe ball

Zoe Ball and nadiya Hus­sain are our hosts in this fun new cook­ery series. Each week two fam­i­lies – made up of three mem­bers – will go head to head in a trio of chal­lenges to de­cide which fam­ily are the best cooks. Tonight, the Marks fam­ily from London go against the Charles clan from York­shire. First up, they must cook a week­end lunch for four for un­der a ten­ner. Then it’s back to the fam­i­lies’ homes to cook for judges Rose­mary Shrager and Gior­gio Lo­catelli. The fi­nal round is ‘im­press the neigh­bours’ with two fab­u­lous cour­ses. A big-hearted, feel-good foodie show with lovely fam­ily dy­nam­ics and a great new host­ing combo in Zoe and Nadiya.

Nadiya and Zoe with judges Gior­gio Lo­catelli and rose­mary Shrager

Fish soup with Aioli (The Marks fam­ily dish)

Mango Pos­set

(The charles fam­ily dish)

Who will im­press Gior­gio, Zoe, Nadiya and Rose­mary?

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