Phil’s bomb­shell

He makes a con­fes­sion to Jay, fol­low­ing a fam­ily fall­out

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Ben has of­ten felt that Phil sees Jay as the son he wished he’d had

It’s con­fes­sion time for Phil Mitchell who, fol­low­ing his re­cent re­turn from Italy, has some­thing mam­moth to get off his chest. Did he kill one of the lo­cals and bury them un­der an olive tree? Or maybe he copped off with a Nancy Dell’olio looka­like.

Ac­tu­ally, scrap the sec­ond the­ory; it’s too far-fetched. Surely no one would lust af­ter Phil when he’s wear­ing trunks and es­padrilles.

Phil’s shock reve­la­tion fol­lows a tur­bu­lent week in which his re­la­tion­ship with Ben hits a new low. It all starts with Phil get­ting an un­ex­pected and rather hefty of­fer for the car-lot land. Are Max and the suits at Wey­land & Co af­ter an­other piece of the Square?

Though tempted, Phil turns the of­fer down, and de­cides in­stead to share out his riches among the faarmly. He tells Ben that he’d like him to have the Arches, and stuns Shazbang by giv­ing the car lot to Jay. Ben is de­lighted – un­til he learns that Jay’s hand­out is worth more than his. Our East­end­ers mole re­veals: ‘Ben has of­ten felt that Phil sees Jay as the son he wished he’d had, and he thinks this is the proof that his dad val­ues Jay more.’

As Ben con­fides in Kathy, Jay, mean­while, has con­cerns of his own. Adds our mole: ‘He feels un­easy about get­ting the car lot over Sharon. He tells her that she means more to him than money, and of­fers to turn it down.’

Sharon gives Jay her bless­ing to ac­cept Phil’s gift, but as the pair hug, Ben sees them and his para­noia rock­ets. Con­fronting Phil, he ques­tions whether he ever wanted him in his life, and tells him he can stick the Arches.

Jay tries to heal their rift with a fam­ily din­ner and, when Phil’s a no-show, Ben tells Jay how much the car lot is worth. Re­al­is­ing Ben has a right to feel up­set, he de­cides to have it out with Phil.

But Phil’s sus­pi­ciously cagey about the rea­sons be­hind his de­ci­sions, and when he and Jay even­tu­ally come face to face, he makes a shock ad­mis­sion. Just what has Phil been up to?

Lot of trou­ble: Phil sur­prises Sharon with his gen­eros­ity to Jay

Mum knows best: Ben shares his con­cerns with Kathy

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