“One must have a sense of pur­pose in this crazy life…”


The ti­tle of Emma Russack’s new al­bum, Per­ma­nent Va­ca­tion, de­scribes a state that’s not al­ways as en­vi­able as it sounds, but dur­ing her re­cent three-month univer­sity break, it sug­gested a po­ten­tial fu­ture. “I was mak­ing some good money through mu­sic for the first time in my life,” ex­plains the sec­ond-year law stu­dent.

“If I could play one or two shows a week, plus write songs and record an al­bum here and there for the rest of my life – and not have to work a day job – yes, I think I would be ‘happy’. But one must have a sense of pur­pose in this crazy life. For me, a per­ma­nent va­ca­tion means check­ing out of re­al­ity – search­ing for pur­pose and mean­ing. I’m try­ing to be up­beat about it, though! I’m whistling as I walk.”

Russack’s songs are com­pellingly var­ied in their ex­pres­sion. Quizzed about her in­tent, she says, “In­tent is a funny thing. Would I be taken se­ri­ously if I said I didn’t have one? All I can say is that this al­bum is the clos­est thing to a ‘diary’ that I have.

“I just wrote ex­actly what I felt at a par­tic­u­lar time; I wasn’t re­strained by any­thing or any­one. That’s free­ing. So, I could write about a guy mak­ing me the best sand­wich ever, or… Ken­dall Jen­ner. Per­haps that was my in­tent. To be free.”

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