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BONE of Pope St Cle­ment has been found in Lon­don, 2,000 years af­ter his death.

An en­vi­ron­men­tal waste clear­ance com­pany found the apos­tle’s relic dur­ing a rou­tine waste haul in cen­tral Lon­don.

En­vi­ found the bone in a red and gold, wax-sealed case, dur­ing a rou­tine col­lec­tion in cen­tral Lon­don last year, but work­ers didn’t re­alise what they had un­til it was ap­praised sev­eral days later.

The com­pany is now call­ing on mem­bers of the pub­lic to help find an ap­pro­pri­ate fi­nal rest­ing place for the bone.

Pope St. Cle­ment is con­sid­ered to be the first apos­tolic fa­ther of the church, the third suc­ces­sor to St Peter and the fourth Pope. He was known as St Cle­ment of Rome and was Pope from 92 to 101 AD.

It is said he died in 110 AD at the age of 75, mak­ing the bone nearly 2,000 years old.

To find a fi­nal rest­ing place for the bone, En­vi­ has cre­ated a con­tact page for mem­bers of the pub­lic to nom­i­nate an ap­pro­pri­ate place of their choice: www.en­vi­ blog/ar­ti­cles/bone-st-cle­ment-found­cen­tral-lon­don/

En­vi­ uses a multi-pick up sys­tem, mean­ing waste col­lec­tors visit sev­eral sites dur­ing waste hauls, so pin­point­ing the ex­act lo­ca­tion it was found is al­most im­pos­si­ble, how­ever due to the route sched­ule on the month in ques­tion, they know it would have been in the cen­tral Lon­don area.

James Ru­bin, owner of En­viro Waste said: “You can imag­ine our amaze­ment when we re­alised our clear­ance teams had found bone be­long­ing to a Pope – it’s not some­thing you ex­pect to see, even in our line of work.

“We of­ten come across some weird and won­der­ful things on clear­ances, but we were def­i­nitely not ex­pect­ing to find a bone frag­ment of an apos­tle.

“We know this is an im­por­tant piece of his­tory and are keen to find the most ap­pro­pri­ate place for its fi­nal rest­ing place, which is why we’re ask­ing for help from mem­bers of the pub­lic.”

The bone was found in a wax-sealed case

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