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WITH BRI­TAIN AT THE BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN, the leisure in­dus­try will be dec­i­mated. At theme parks, such as Thorpe Park, Flamin­goland and Al­ton Tow­ers, no­body will have any in­ter­est in go­ing on the log flumes or white­wa­ter rapids as the nov­elty of get­ting wet will have worn off, mean­ing that queues for the other at­trac­tions will dou­ble in length. Zoos will also feel the pinch, as many of their an­i­mals will have sim­ply swum to free­dom up and over the bars of their cages as the wa­ters rose. Those re­main­ing will be drowned, mak­ing an up­set­ting day out for fam­i­lies, es­pe­cially those with young chil­dren. But it’s not all bad news. With no wasps or ants at the bottom of the sea, coun­try­side pic­nics will be a much more pleas­ant ex­pe­ri­ence. Mean­while, the cost of en­try to his­toric prop­er­ties will sky­rocket. To­day, the ma­jor­ity of the Na­tional Trust’s in­come is al­ready spent bat­tling ris­ing damp, and in 2020, with their col­lec­tion of his­toric houses and stately homes lan­guish­ing un­der 300 feet of wa­ter, that bill is only go­ing to get big­ger.

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