T-Rex set to walk the earth

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SCI­EN­TISTS at the Univer­sity of Glam­or­gan have sparked ex­cite­ment among glam-rock fans af­ter an­nounc­ing am­bi­tious plans to clone late pop icon

Marc Bolan, who has been ex­tinct since 1977. Boffins say they have ex­tracted in­tact DNA from a pair of the singer’s flared loon pants found on an in­ter­net auc­tion site. This ge­netic ma­te­rial will be in­tro­duced into a chicken egg, which they hope will hatch into the first liv­ing Marc Bolan to be seen on the planet for more than forty years. “It’s a re­ally thrilling project for ev­ery­one here at Glam­or­gan,” said Pro­fes­sor Ti­bor Sza­ck­acs, head of the Welsh Univer­sity’s Life Sci­ences depart­ment. “Most peo­ple only know T-Rex from the tele­vi­sion or pic­tures in books, so they don’t re­alise quite how big they were back in the seven­ties. If our ex­per­i­ment is suc­cess­ful, ev­ery­one will have the chance to ac­tu­ally see them in the flesh, and that’s very ex­cit­ing.”


But Pro­fes­sor Sza­ck­acs’s plans have met with wide­spread crit­i­cism. Many T-Rex fans were unim­pressed at the prospect of their cloned heart­throb tak­ing the stage four decades af­ter his hey­day. “For a start, Marc is go­ing to be half chicken,” said Bar­bara Drab­ness, life trea­surer of the Glam­or­gan T-Rex fan club. “Chances are he won’t look any­thing like he did on the posters I used to have on my bed­room wall.”

“And se­condly, it’s not re­ally the proper T-Rex if they don’t also clone Mickey Finn or Steve Pere­grin Took to play the bon­gos while Marc’s war­bling away about swans and wiz­ards and stuff,” she added.

Ac­cord­ing to Sza­ck­acs, the team has so far been un­able to ob­tain any ge­netic ma­te­rial from Finn, who died from liver dis­ease in 2003, or Took, who choked on a cock­tail cherry in 1980. He told us: “If any groupies who had it off with them in the past hap­pen to have saved their knick­ers as a sou­venir, we’ll hap­pily scrape some off, stick it in an egg and see what hatches.”


Mean­while, Arch­bishop of Can­ter­bury Justin Welby claimed that it would be in­ter­fer­ing with God’s plan to clone the corkscrewed-haired pop min­strel. “The Lord clearly wanted Bolan to die, oth­er­wise he wouldn’t have made his car crash into that tree,” he told Ra­dio 4’s Ed­die Mair. “It is sim­ply not for sci­en­tists to med­dle in the won­drous ways of His cre­ation.”

And Dr Welby had this warn­ing for Pro­fes­sor Sza­ck­acs and his team. “You bring Marc Bolan back to life if you want to, but don’t come cry­ing to me when you all get cast into the lake of fire for ever and ever. Amen,” he said.

21STCen­tury boy? Bolan’s DNA could be used to pro­duce a clone of the glam rocker.

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