The DART side of the MOON!

We’ve got EIGHT pieces of price­less Apollo Moon­shot mem­o­ra­bilia to give away. Let’s take a look at these fab­u­lous prizes....

VIZ - - The Dart side of the MOON! -

In ONE! Step out in style in as­tro­naut Neil Arm­strong’s space­suit boots, the very ones in which he took that iconic “One small step for man” back in 1969.

In TWO! Take a turn for the best with the ac­tual steer­ing wheel off of the Apollo 17 Lu­nar Rover… the very last ve­hi­cle to ever drive on the Moon in 1971.

In SIX! Any old iron? How about the ac­tual pitch­ing wedge which Alan Shep­ard took to the Moon … AND the very golf­ball he chipped 27 miles into outer space.

In SEVEN! Get a grip on things with the han­dle from the door where the as­tro­nauts got in at the very top of Apollo 12’s Saturn 5 rocket.

In THREE! Stone the crows! It’s a su­per half-brick-sized piece of gen­uine Moon rock col­lected by Buzz Aldrin from the beach next to the Sea of Tran­quil­ity. In FOUR! Be a bright spark with this state-of-the-art piece of elec­tronic cir­cuitry form the Apollo 14 Mis­sion Con­trol com­puter desk at Cape Car­ni­val. In FIVE! It’s bendy, but it’s not a Bendy Bully. It’s a flex­i­ble hose that went from the side of as­tro­naut Neil Arm­strong’s hel­met and into his haver­sack. In EIGHT! Have you got the write stuff? It’s an ac­tual biro that was sit­ting on the desk of NASA Mis­sion Di­rec­tor Eu­gene Krantz when they went to the Moon. …and in THE BULLS­EYE! Make a splash at the ma­rina in this su­per lu­nar speed­boat that they were go­ing to take to the Moon be­fore they re­alised there wasn’t any wa­ter on it.

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