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ATEAMofJa­panese re­searchers has stunned the in­ter­na­tional sci­en­tific com­mu­nity with the claim that they have dis­cov­ered a THIRD Chuckle Brother. Pre­sent­ing the find­ings at the XVIIth Con­cor­dat In­ter­na­tionale du Sci­ence, project leader Dr J

Shikaro said that af­ter 10 years of re­search, they were fi­nally able to con­firm their dis­cov­ery.

“Sci­en­tists have long posited the pos­si­bil­ity of a third Chuckle Brother, but un­til now we have been un­able to pro­vide solid proof of his ex­is­tence,” he told New Sci­en­tist. sib­lings

But be­fore ev­ery­one buys tick­ets to the Chuckle Brothers stage show hop­ing to see three mad­cap sib­lings get­ting into all man­ner of scrapes, Shikaro ad­vised cau­tion.

“This third Chuckle Brother is highly un­sta­ble and ex­ists only un­der lab con­di­tions, and then for just a few mil­lionths of a sec­ond,” he said. “How­ever, he does ex­ist and he in­creases the num­ber of known Chuckle Brothers by 50%.”

CERN- based physi­cist Pro­fes­sor Brian Cox hailed the dis­cov­ery as a mile­stone in sci­ence and com­edy. “This

won­der­ful, amaz­ing event lit­er­ally rewrites the Pe­ri­odic Ta­ble of Chuckle Brothers,” he told re­porters. “And it opens the doors to new dis­cov­ery. It’s a fast-mov­ing sci­ence and we sim­ply don’t know how many more Chuckle Brothers there are wait­ing to be dis­cov­ered,” he added. plank

The prop­er­ties of the new Chuckle Brother are as yet un­known, and the re­searchers were un­sure as to whether or not he would be able to hit his brothers with a plank un­der his arm, or spill a bucket of wall­pa­per paste onto them from a lad­der.

“We don’t know enough about him yet,” said Dr Shikaro. “It has been sug­gested that he may ex­ist in a state of quan­tum flux, with the very act of ob­ser­va­tion ren­der­ing him un­mea­sur­able. So we may never know,” he added.

Ques­tioned about pos­si­ble names for the newly-dis­cov­ered Chuckle Brother, Shikaro was un­cer­tain. “We were think­ing per­haps of Me­son or Lep­ton. Or per­haps Den­nis,” he said

Oh, brother!: The Chuck­les.

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