Krem­lin be­hind Viz Comic hack

VIZ - - Letter Bocks -

NOT sat­is­fied with fix­ing the Amer­i­can elec­tion and Brexit ref­er­en­dum votes, Rus­sian Pres­i­dent VLADIMIR PUTIN has now gone one step fur­ther by HACK­ING into the last is­sue of Bri­tain’s favourite toi­let grin mag and TAM­PER­ING with a car­toon. Ea­gle-eyed read­ers of the strip Jimbo’s Robo

Beauty Pageant in Viz 276 spot­ted that the words in one of the speech bal­loons had been ob­scured by a solid pur­ple block. And now the mag­a­zine’s boss has laid the blame for the out­rage firmly at the door of the Krem­lin. “For some rea­son, it seems that the KGB were des­per­ate to make it ap­pear that Viz is a sham­bolic, badly run mag­a­zine,” said edi­tor Hamp­ton Dou­ble­day. “They clearly hacked into our com­puter sys­tem and al­tered the car­toon af­ter Viz’s ex­ten­sive and ex­haus­tive qual­ity con­trol process had been com­pleted.”

“It made it look as though our proof-reading pro­ce­dure con­sists of merely giv­ing the mag­a­zine a cur­sory and half-ar­sed once-over just be­fore it goes to press,” he con­tin­ued. “Whereas, in fact, noth­ing could be fur­ther from the truth.”

“Do your worst!”~ De­fi­ant edi­tor hits out at Putin

But in a sin­is­ter twist, Dou­ble­day also be­lieves that the Krem­lin has re­cently upped the ante and made an at­tempt on his own life. He said: “On the run-up to the last dead­line, I popped into my lo­cal for a cou­ple of for­ti­fy­ing shandies af­ter feel­ing thirsty due to my in­tense edit­ing sched­ule.”

soiled “The Rus­sian se­cret ser­vice must have tar­geted me in the pub and spiked one of my drinks with Novi­chok or Polo­nium, be­cause the next thing I re­mem­ber is wak­ing up in an al­ley. I had been sick and soiled my­self, which al­most never hap­pens. I could only con­clude that I had been tar­geted and poi­soned with deadly nerve agent by Krem­lin goons,” Dou­ble­day con­tin­ued.

“Frankly, I was lucky to sur­vive. My head was pound­ing un­til late in the af­ter­noon,” he said.

Last night, the de­fi­ant edi­tor had these words for Putin’s hit­men: “If you think your ac­tions have dam­aged Bri­tain’s third or fourth funniest mag­a­zine, you’ve got an­other think com­ing,” he said. “We will not be si­lenced. It’s busi­ness as usual at Viz.”

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