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CAPRI­CORN DE­CEM­BER 22 - JAN­UARY 20 You won’t be feel­ing lonely or up­set to­day. Though the re­cent Full Moon has left you feel­ing emo­tional. Mean­while, you won’t be too busy this week to meet any­one, even if you rarely see your friends these days. What hap­pens on Thurs­day is more fun than any date. For weekly read­ings call 09036 5820 01 (75p/min + ac­cess charge)

AQUAR­IUS JAN­UARY 21 - FE­BRU­ARY 19 Mat­ters close to home are stressed - though it doesn’t make sense to move yet. Apart from that, you may have had a mod­icum of suc­cess and a few losses, but what you do next is such an achieve­ment. A brush with au­thor­ity on Thurs­day won’t de­ter you in the least. For weekly read­ings call 09036 5820 02 (75p/min + ac­cess charge)

PISCES FE­BRU­ARY 20 - MARCH 20 The re­cent Full Moon may have played havoc with your plans. How­ever, don’t let some­one in­trude on the magic, even if they threaten to pull out of a prior ar­range­ment. True, you will ex­pe­ri­ence a few spills and thrills around Thurs­day – en route to some­where you like a lot bet­ter. For weekly read­ings call 09036 5820 03 (75p/min + ac­cess charge)

ARIES MARCH 21 - APRIL 20 You may not have turned in a profit yet. In fact, the cash flow has been go­ing in the wrong di­rec­tion. How­ever, what is about to be pro­posed is an of­fer you can­not af­ford to turn down. Though you could pay for it in terms of your rep­u­ta­tion, es­pe­cially on Thurs­day. For weekly read­ings call 09036 5820 04 (75p/min + ac­cess charge)

TAU­RUS APRIL 21 - MAY 21 You may think that a re­la­tion­ship is over be­fore you have blinked. Cer­tainly the re­cent Full Moon in Tau­rus has caused you to re­assess the sit­u­a­tion. Mean­while, there should be a change of pace this week. In fact, what you ex­pe­ri­ence on Thurs­day rep­re­sents a trip down mem­ory lane. For weekly read­ings call 09036 5820 05 (75p/min + ac­cess charge)

GEM­INI MAY 22 - JUNE 21 You can­not af­ford to be sick, even if you have to post­pone meet­ings un­til later on. What­ever symp­toms you are ex­pe­ri­enc­ing, un­less there is a good rea­son, it should be business as usual. What is agreed after mid­week has to give you a tremen­dous boost. Then focus on get­ting well. For weekly read­ings call 09036 5820 06 (75p/min + ac­cess charge)

CAN­CER JUNE 22 - JULY 22 You’ve been a lit­tle down, which is quite out of char­ac­ter. No doubt your friends want to see you happy, though they should con­cen­trate on their own lives rather than in­ter­fere in yours. What tran­spires this Thurs­day should add a sparkle to your per­sonal af­fairs. No more feel­ing sad. For weekly read­ings call 09036 5820 07 (75p/min + ac­cess charge)

LEO JULY 23 - AU­GUST 22 Morale is higher than usual, even if your fam­ily life is chaotic. Throw your­self into your work -here the odds are stacked in your favour. In gen­eral, you should find it eas­ier to cope, though an upheaval at home is in­di­cated after mid­week. Get rid of a lot of junk. For weekly read­ings call 09036 5820 08 (75p/min + ac­cess charge)

VIRGO AU­GUST 23 - SEPTEM­BER 22 The Full Moon has been and gone. Though, it may take a while till your feet touch the ground. Even if your plans have been de­railed, what hap­pens this week will leave an in­deli­ble mark on a per­sonal meet­ing. The truth of this state­ment will be more ap­par­ent on Thurs­day. For weekly read­ings call 09036 5820 09 (75p/min + ac­cess charge)

LI­BRA SEPTEM­BER 23 - OC­TO­BER 23 There should be some pos­i­tive fi­nan­cial signs that your wor­ries are over. This is to­tally jus­ti­fied after the re­cent Full Moon, even if you failed to reach an agree­ment. Life will flow even more gen­tly this week. By rights, what is de­cided on Thurs­day will leave you quite perky. For weekly read­ings call 09036 5820 10 (75p/min + ac­cess charge)

SCOR­PIO OC­TO­BER 24 - NOVEM­BER 22 Usu­ally you don’t find it easy to form re­la­tion­ships. You may be a bit torn after the re­cent full Moon in Tau­rus or not even speak­ing to some­one. What hap­pens later this week is more than what you first thought it would be. It’s a proper com­mit­ment, and you should treat it se­ri­ously. For weekly read­ings call 09036 5820 11 (75p/min + ac­cess charge)

SAGIT­TAR­IUS NOVEM­BER 23 - DE­CEM­BER 21 You need to con­serve your en­ergy and rely on your body clock to re­mind you that you are work­ing your­self into the ground. Hap­pily, life should be less de­mand­ing, and you can be­gin to slow down. True, you may not want to so­cialise. But what tran­spires on Thurs­day is mo­ti­va­tion enough. For weekly read­ings call 09036 5820 12 (75p/min + ac­cess charge)

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