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AWOMAN in Cardiff has found what ap­pears to be a tube spi­der in her gar­den. Tube spi­ders are un­usual in that they have six eyes (most spi­ders have eight) in a semi­cir­cle and have the first three pairs of legs ar­ranged for­ward (most spi­ders have only the first two pairs ar­ranged for­ward). Not only that, but they also have fangs which can ap­pear a green colour. This one was spot­ted in­side t h e wall of So­phie Gough’s house in the Llan­rum­ney area of the city.

She said: “At the be­gin­ning of the week I was out the back gar­den when it was dark in the evening put­ting rub­bish in the bin, and spot­ted a spi­der.

“It went back into a hole in the wall. I looked at its web and no­ticed it was a tun­nel shape. It wasn’t un­til I watched it for the past few days I re­alised it wasn’t your av­er­age spi­der. “It is black with shiny green fangs. “I’ve done my re­search and I’m 100% sure it’s a tube spi­der.”

The spi­ders are found all around the world and are one of the largest types of spi­der in the UK.

They have a painful bite, said to be sim­i­lar to the pain from a bee sting, with pain last­ing about six hours.

But are tube spi­ders dan­ger­ous? Quite sim­ply – no. They are not known as an ag­gres­sive species.

Lawrence Bee from the British Arach­no­log­i­cal So­ci­ety pre­vi­ously said houses are tube web spi­ders’ nat­u­ral habi­tat.

He said: “There’s noth­ing to worry about – learn to live with them if you can.

“They are not the eas­i­est things to catch, so you’d have to be very de­ter­mined. They won’t at­tack – they are not ag­gres­sive.”

A tube spi­der and, right, the one liv­ing in So­phie Gough’s wall in Cardiff

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