rock the cas­bah

We’ve souked up our desert riad with bold colours and sleek suc­cu­lents

Wallpaper - - Space - Pho­tog­ra­phy Robbie Lawrence In­te­ri­ors Robert Storey

This page, wood bas­ket, £360, by Emma Ol­bers, from The Con­ran Shop. ‘Palis­sade’ arm­chairs, £209 each, by Ro­nan & Er­wan Bouroul­lec, for Hay, from Twen­tytwen­ty­one. ‘Clay’ din­ing ta­ble in tuff stone, £4,815, by Marc Krusin, for De­salto, from Chap­lins. ‘Pleat Box 47’ pen­dant, €899, by Xavier Mañosa and Mashal­lah, for Marset, from Twen­tytwen­ty­one. ‘Salina Stoneware’ range, prices on re­quest, by E15, from Viaduct. ‘Poem’ wa­ter bot­tle, £43, by Markku Salo, for Nude Op­po­site, ‘Top­tun’ chair, €730, by Vic­to­ria Yakusha, for Faina, from Mint. ‘Con­pot’ con­crete planter, £120, by From The Land. ‘Three Ob­jects With Hats’ sculp­tures (two pic­tured), from DKK8,500 (€1,140), by Wang & Söder­ström. ‘Lucca’ green tum­bler, £9, by Bi­tossi Home; ‘Idra Ri­gadin Ri­torto’ yel­low tum­bler; ‘Idra Lente’ red tum­bler, both £72, by Na­son Moretti, all from The Con­ran Shop. ‘Ur­sula’ jug, €30, by Ur­sula Munch­petersen, for Käh­ler De­sign. ‘Model 63’ bench, £788, by Niels Otto Møller, for J L Møllers Mo­belfab­rik, from Twen­tytwen­ty­one. ‘Last’ stool, €229, by Max Lamb, for Hem

Mod­u­lar sofa, £7,940, by Erik Ras­mussen, for Paus­tian, from Skandium. ‘Soft Tri­an­gle’ ta­ble, £491, by TAF Ar­chi­tects, for Ka­rimoku New Stan­dard, from Twen­tytwen­ty­one. ‘Rel­a­tiv­ity of Color’ glass­ware, from $350, by Ob­jects of Com­mon In­ter­est, from Mat­ter. ‘Ro­dan’ cof­fee ta­ble, £1,075, by Pinch. ‘Big Vase’, £1,500, by Max Lamb, for 1882 Ltd, from SCP. ‘Hide’ ta­ble, €259, by Karo­line Fesser, for Hem. ‘Oo’ lamp, $1,600, by Eny Lee Parker. ‘Rab­bit & the Tor­toise’ ta­ble, €423, by Stu­dio Juju, for Liv­ing Di­vani. ‘Edge’ cup, £23, by Stilleben, for Sk­agerak, from Skandium. ‘Sekki’ cup, £15, by Ferm Liv­ing. ‘CH24 Wish­bone’ chair, £670, by Hans J Weg­ner, for Carl Hansen & Søn, from The Con­ran Shop

This page, ‘Pilo­tis’ con­sole, £7,900, by Mał­gorzata Bany, from The New Crafts­men. ‘Rod S’ pen­dant, €209, by Fer­nando Prado, for Lu­mini. ‘Kink’ vase, £550, by Earnest Stu­dio, from Mint. ‘Lola’ bowl, C$210 ($162), by MPGMB. ‘#3000’ mir­ror, $2,080, by True­ing. Paint in Ul­tra­ma­rine 1035, £22 for 1kg, by Bris­tol Paint Op­po­site, ‘Donut’ stool, €240, by Mikiya Kobayashi, for Di­abla. Stool, £990, by Sasa Works, from The New Crafts­men. Wa­ter­ing can, £26, by Labour and Wait. ‘Cestita’ lamp, £228, by Miguel Milá, for Santa & Cole; ‘Lu­cano 3’ step lad­der, £289, by Me­ta­phys, both from The Con­ran Shop. Bas­ket, £28, by Labour and Wait

‘Shift­ing Sands’ ves­sel, price on re­quest, by Eleanor Lake­lin. ‘Nolita’ chaise longue, €780, by Man­delli Pagliarulo, for Pe­drali. ‘Tenon’ ta­ble, £645, by From The Land. ‘Cut Out’ plat­ter, €265, by Other King­dom. ‘Jeanette’ chair, £280, by Tom Fere­day, for SP01, from Sil­vera. ‘Vivi Bas­ket’ ta­ble, £360, by Vin­cent Shep­pard. ‘Tequila Sun­rise’ jug, £79; ‘Light’ tum­bler, £19, both by Mist-o, for Ichen­dorf Mi­lano, from The Con­ran Shop. Speaker, £229, by Hay, for Sonos, from Sel­fridges. ‘Step’ path lamp, £282, by Nic­colò Grassi, for Ethimo. Paint in Ul­tra­ma­rine, as be­fore

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