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1. Hal­lowe’en is the eve of which Chris­tian fes­ti­val?

A Holy Day B All Souls’ Day C Easter Day D All Saints’ Day

2. Of which feud­ing fam­ily was Romeo a mem­ber?

A Ca­pulet B Endymion C Mon­tague D Capone

3. Which lan­thanide el­e­ment is rep­re­sented by the sym­bol Ce?

A Cae­sium B Chlo­rine C Curium D Cerium

4. Of which Ital­ian city is La Scala opera house a fea­ture?

A Mi­lan B Turin C Rome D Venice

5. Of which ocean is the sea of Ja­pan a part?

A At­lantic Ocean B In­dian Ocean C Arc­tic Ocean D Pa­cific Ocean

6. Which new film stars James Franco as sin­is­ter bank man­ager Ed Maas, whose bank is robbed by two sis­ters in the hope of sav­ing their brother?

A The Jump B The Vault C The Safe D The Cache

7. In which war did the term ‘fifth col­umn’ orig­i­nate?

A The Boer War B Span­ish Civil War C The Crimean War D The Napoleonic War

8. Which ac­tress played Alf Gar­nett’s daugh­ter in TV’s Till Death Us Do Part?

A Una Stubbs B Una Smith C Una Thompson D Una Richards

9. What is the cen­tral part of an atom called?

A Mol­e­cule B Mem­brane C Atomic cen­tral D Nu­cleus

10. Who plays man-mad Dorien in the TV com­edy Birds of a Feather?

A Lesley Joseph B Pauline Quirke C Jenny Richards D Dina Kemp

11. What is the usual Bri­tish name for the do­mes­tic heat­ing fuel also called kerosene?

A Paraf­fin B Petrol C Deisel D Methanol

12. Which di­rec­tor and ac­tor pro­vides the voice for Jedi Mas­ter Yoda in the Star Wars films?

A Ge­orge Lu­cas B Frank Oz C Steven Spiel­berg D David Prowse

13. With what sort of mu­sic are Joan Baez and Woody Guthrie as­so­ci­ated?

A Folk B Clas­si­cal C Disco D Coun­try and Western

14. Which French army of­fi­cer was sent to Devil’s Is­land when falsely ac­cused of be­tray­ing mil­i­tary se­crets to Ger­many in 1894?

A Claude Drey­fus B Al­fred Drey­fus C Michel Drey­fus D Jean Drey­fus

15. What is the ti­tle of the lat­est al­bum from Bri­tish singer Roger Dal­trey?

A You Have It All B As Long as I Have You C Who Do You Think You Are? D Who You Know

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