Par­ents need to re­solve the is­sue

West Sussex County Times - - Opinion - CARLA ESPOSTI JASONMAY

Un­for­tu­nately, as has be­come a na­tion­wide is­sue, there is an in­crease in the amount of young­sters with noth­ing to do but sit in parks all evening/ night, cre­ate lit­ter, an­noy neigh­bours with anti so­cial be­haviour and take il­le­gal sub­stances.

All over Hor­sham in the var­i­ous parks and green spa­ces, there are com­plaints from res­i­dents of cars turn­ing up at all hours, fast food takeaways and bot­tles be­ing left on the grass and an end­less amount of left­overs from the drug mis­use.

All of the young­sters I have

seen do this are at an age to be still liv­ing with par­ents but old enough to be out un­su­per­vised and driv­ing.

I am sure the ma­jor­ity of their par­ents would be hor­ri­fied if they knew the anti so­cial be­haviour their chil­dren were caus­ing and the lack of in­ter­est they show when they are ‘ad­vised’ of the need to be­have by the po­lice who do their best to ed­u­cate them on the er­rors of their ways.

Sadly the po­lice num­bers are lim­ited there­fore it must be down to parental re­spon­si­bil­ity to try to re­solve the is­sue.

So next time, your lit­tle Johnny or Josephine says they are pop­ping out for the evening with a friend, think twice about where they might be go­ing.

Ap­par­ently we had to have filled it ( up to one tonne) at max of seven me­tres from the road.

For us that was not close enough but hav­ing a 3.4 me­tre wide drive. We put the bulky bag down the end of the drive in the same place that a skip has pre­vi­ously been.

But Hor­sham have one driver to col­lect and I don’t think he likes rev­ers­ing. They came to pick up af­ter we or­dered a col­lec­tion on June 4, and re­fused but didn’t tell us he had driven off.

Then two in­spec­tors we did see here, assess­ing the gap and ex­plain­ing the driver had driven away. We thought they would come back but chased again and gave mea­sure­ments and the driver still ex­plained via the call desk staff at waste man­age­ment in Hor­sham District Coun­cil that he won’t go down the drive and claims it to be too nar­row.

The street lanes are less than 2.4m each di­rec­tion so how does he drive in the road?

Any­how, then the coun­cil try to claim to us that there is the small print and it has to be within seven me­tres of the road­way. That would place it

di­rectly in front of two cars and the neigh­bours’ cars.

Given it was still here on July 1, the neigh­bours would not had been happy, nor us. So, we had to move it.

My wife, daugh­ter and I emp­tied the tonne of rub­ble, moved the bag onto the road­way, re­filled with the rub­ble and what a night­mare. Wish we had used a skip af­ter all.

Was it worth the £125 Hor­sham charge? No.

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