Im­ma­ture UK needs its Euro­pean par­ent

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IS THE UK “grown-up” enough to sur­vive out­side the EU?

If it is, then why, for ex­am­ple, did Bri­tain need the Euro­pean Union to or­der it to clean up its dirty beaches and why does Bri­tain need the EU to tell it to im­prove its air qual­ity?

Like an im­ma­ture and grubby urchin that needs its mother to con­stantly wipe its face (... and its bot­tom), the UK ev­i­dently needs its EU “mother” – how­ever im­per­fect, over­pro­tec­tive or “con­trol­ling” she may ap­pear to be at times – to mon­i­tor our qual­ity of life.

De­spite this, many “Brex­i­teers” – like a mass up­ris­ing of red-faced, cardi­gan-flap­ping Alf Gar­netts – de­mand that we “take back con­trol of our coun­try”, as if post-Brexit Bri­tain will, some­how, be gov­erned by mil­lions of these typ­i­cal pro­leavers from their bun­ga­low con­trol cen­tres.

In re­al­ity, of course, it will be led – just as in­com­pe­tently as be­fore – by Bri­tish politi­cians who, no longer obliged by EU law to as­sure our qual­ity of life, will sim­ply squan­der the money “saved” – in­stead of pro­tect­ing the en­vi­ron­ment.

When our coast­line re­verts to be­ing cov­ered in filth and the air we breathe is even more toxic than it is now, fu­ture gen­er­a­tions will be truly mys­ti­fied at how Bri­tain was dragged back to its “grubby urchin” status or, as some like to re­mem­ber it, the “good old days”. James Hayes-Carter


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