Wales is ir­rel­e­vant and no-one’s lis­ten­ing

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BOR­ING, bor­ing, bor­ing! All this at­ten­tion be­ing paid in the me­dia in Wales to Brexit and the tur­moil it gen­er­ates in the Lon­don par­ties of the Con­ser­va­tives and Labour.

Far more rel­e­vant to us Welsh peo­ple would be weekly bul­letins of how fast the paint was dry­ing in Cwm Scwt or how the grass was grow­ing in Llareg­gub.

Don’t peo­ple re­alise that it will all be de­cided by Eng­land and by the coun­tries of the Euro­pean Union? Can’t we just wake up one bright morn­ing when they have reached their de­ci­sions as to what our fate will be and read about it in the West­ern Mail?

Don’t peo­ple re­alise yet that by hitching on to Lon­don/English par­ties like Labour and Tory Wales has be­come al­most to­tally ir­rel­e­vant? Just lis­ten and watch the UK news broad­casts and read the news­pa­pers printed in Lon­don: Wales is scarcely men­tioned, un­like Scot­land and North­ern Ire­land. Ever won­dered why?

Mean­while, two things: can some kind soul please take Car­wyn Jones qui­etly into a softly lit room with soft mu­sic and tell him gen­tly (in sim­ple words of course) “Car­wyn, no-one is lis­ten­ing!”

And why can’t we get fig­ures of how Welsh peo­ple voted in Brexit, or any­thing else for that mat­ter? I don’t mean peo­ple liv­ing in Wales, I mean real Welsh peo­ple. This is im­por­tant to find out be­fore our lit­tle coun­try dis­ap­pears for ever be­fore our very eyes. After all, Tesco can tell me when I last bought a can of beans – why can’t I be told how my coun­try­men voted? Is there some­thing be­ing hid­den from us here? Clem Thomas Dafen, Llanelli

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