Shame on May and all spine­less MPs

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THE first state­ment Theresa May made when be­com­ing Prime Min­is­ter was to prom­ise to build a fairer and stronger Bri­tain that works for every­one, not just the wealthy.

Again, in July this year, she made an­other speech, that she was go­ing to de­vote all her en­er­gies to supporting fam­i­lies who are “just about man­ag­ing”, and un­der her lead­er­ship put an end to so­cial in­jus­tices. Once again she and her rag­bag gov­ern­ment have re­neged on these prom­ises, more food banks, fam­i­lies be­ing de­nied uni­ver­sal credit for six or more weeks, pen­sion­ers hav­ing to go cold this win­ter, yet her friends, the rich and fa­mous, and multi-na­tional com­pa­nies are legally steal­ing bil­lons ev­ery year, and she does noth­ing to stop it.

On the 22nd we have an au­tumn bud­get. What bet­ter way to tell the coun­try she cares, and tell her Chan­cel­lor to fi­nally put an end to the big­gest so­cial in­jus­tice this coun­try has ever known, the rob­bing of the for­mer ASW steel­work­ers’ pen­sions. We won’t hold our breath, though, as the lies her gov­ern­ment tells to deny these fam­i­lies what is right­fully theirs are be­yond be­lief.

Shame on this Prime Min­is­ter, and MPs who are too spine­less to sup­port fam­i­lies. John Ben­son Di­nas Powys, Vale of Glam­or­gan

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