Don’t blame Plaid for list of Labour fail­ures

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GRA­HAM Sim­monds (WM let­ters, June 29) has a good point about Euro­pean money and its ef­fect on Wales; how­ever he vents his anger at two par­ties, not one.

Let’s re­mem­ber, the only di­rect in­flu­ence Plaid have had was a mi­nor­ity role in the One Wales agree­ment from 2007-11. Other­wise, all we’ve had in al­most 20 years since de­vo­lu­tion, is lame, stale Labour. EU money used ef­fec­tively for in­fra­struc­ture train­ing and jobs works won­ders, as any­one who has vis­ited Ire­land over the same pe­riod will re­alise.

Lack of ef­fec­tive fi­nan­cial tar­get­ing by the Welsh Labour Govern­ment, cou­pled with the West­min­ster’s to­tal fo­cus on south-east Eng­land’s needs, for the past two decades leaves us still with a fis­cal deficit about 24% be­tween what we earn and spend. Yet all Car­wyn and his cronies can do is com­plain that our “share” of Bar­nett is too low. Surely the aim must be to stand on our own two feet?

Leanne Wood has con­sis­tently stressed such a need and that de­ci­sions need to be made in Wales, not West­min­ster, on mat­ters that af­fect our lives. She has al­ways called for ma­jor in­vest­ment in re­new­able en­ergy in Wales – but, as she said re­cently, “If you had a Welsh Govern­ment that was se­ri­ous about ramp­ing up re­new­ables, they’d do some­thing – but we don’t have that govern­ment”. On so many other mat­ters too, Plaid’s view has been con­sis­tently ig­nored. So don’t spread your ire too widely, Mr Sim­monds; save it for the suc­ces­sive Labour gov­ern­ments that have let down Wales all by them­selves.

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