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for years Roger Lo­gan has spent his days con­fined to his arm­chair, un­able to move. He has an enor­mous 10-stone non-can­cer­ous tu­mour on his stom­ach that be­gan to grow 12 years ago.

Ini­tially, doctors told him he was just fat, but the growth is now so big it hangs to the floor. It’s forced him to give up work­ing in his an­tique shop, but is also too risky to re­move, with spe­cial­ists giv­ing him a 50 per cent chance of sur­vival!

‘It’s like car­ry­ing three bags of ce­ment around with you all day,’ says Roger, 57, from Gulf­port, Mis­sis­sippi, whose story is told in this week’s Body Bizarre. A year ago, Roger lost all hope after a chance of surgery fell through.

Liver fail­ure

De­pressed, he stopped eat­ing and drink­ing and ended up in hos­pi­tal with liver fail­ure.

But his wife Kitty scoured the coun­try for a spe­cial­ist and found a sur­geon, Dr

Vipul Dev, who agrees to per­form the risky op­er­a­tion.

Even though the surgery could kill him, we see Roger make the 2,000-mile jour­ney to Cal­i­for­nia in the hope that surgery will help him lead a nor­mal life again.

‘Kitty kept push­ing – she wouldn’t let me quit,’ he says after the make-or-break trek. ‘But I never want to see that arm­chair again!’

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Risky op­er­a­tion… Roger with wife Kitty (right) and a fam­ily mem­ber

House­bound… Roger’s tu­mour left him un­able to walk

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