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The show­down be­tween the killer and Moira ends in a fire and a shoot­ing!

Emma Bar­ton has spent months try­ing to hide the fact she pushed her part­ner James to his death last Oc­to­ber. But her schem­ing and ly­ing has ended up com­ing to noth­ing. His mur­der has been ex­posed by Gabby Thomas, who got hold of the record­ing in­crim­i­nat­ing killer Emma, which a hor­ri­fied Finn Bar­ton went on to hear. Finn now knows his mum killed his dad – and he’s go­ing to tell his broth­ers, Pete and Ross, if Emma won’t.

As a week of ex­plo­sive episodes erupts – dur­ing which death vis­its the Dales – it all be­gins with Emma, whose world is cav­ing in…

Score to set­tle

‘Emma’s pan­ick­ing as once the boys know, that’s the end of her re­la­tion­ship with them,’ says Gil­lian Kear­ney, who plays her. ‘She doesn’t want them to stop lov­ing her. Emma loved James but she loves the boys even more. That’s the whole rea­son she’s tried to sur­vive this.’

Know­ing the game is up, Emma has a score to set­tle with ex sis­ter-in-law Moira, who she feels stole James from her.

At But­lers Farm, Moira’s tired and hop­ing for a quiet night. She’s been clay-pi­geon shoot­ing with Faith and is just fin­ish­ing in the barn when Emma ar­rives. Her line of ques­tion­ing angers and un­set­tles Moira.

‘Emma wants to know if Moira loved James and what they meant to each other,’ ex­plains Natalie J Robb, who plays the farmer. ‘Emma is very ag­i­tated and it’s been eat­ing her up. Emma then con­fesses she pushed James off the bridge and says she blames Moira!’

Sens­ing danger, Moira makes to leave, but Emma’s not about to let her prey go…

‘Moira breaks away to es­cape, but Emma goes for her,’ says Natalie. ‘Emma grabs a pitch­fork and thrusts it at Moira.

‘As they tus­sle, Emma hits a light with the pitch­fork, which in turn causes a fire! It’s small at first so the women don’t spot it, but soon they’re both aware the barn is on fire around them… and then an oil drum ex­plodes.’

As the blaze be­gins to rage, will Emma help or hin­der Moira’s es­cape from the burn­ing barn?

Adam and Vic­to­ria are the first to no­tice the fire and race to­wards it. Emma has made it out – but is cov­ered in blood, and flees when she sees Adam. Sus­pect­ing foul play, Adam gives chase, fol­low­ing Emma into the woods with a gun in his hands. Back in the yard, wait­ing for the emer­gency ser­vices, Vic­to­ria’s blood chills as she hears a shot ring out… Who’s a goner?

‘It’s very dra­matic,’ says Gil­lian. ‘I don’t think there’s a minute where peo­ple won’t be on the edge of their seats! There are plenty of sur­prises in store!’

Fired up... Emma erupts at But­lers Farm

Trapped.. Will Emma help Moira es­cape the barn?

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