Stacey’s up­set when Carmel brands her an un­trust­wor­thy moth­erÉ

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The Fowler fam­ily are in bits this week with tod­dler Arthur’s life hang­ing in the bal­ance.

And his mum, Stacey, is feel­ing it most. Not only has she re­cently learnt her beloved boy is at high-risk of in­her­it­ing a se­ri­ous heart con­di­tion from his dad Kush, he’s now in hos­pi­tal on the crit­i­cal list. But what made the tod­dler lose con­scious­ness?

At the hos­pi­tal, Stacey is strug­gling with the stress and des­per­ate for an­swers. After Kush heads home to leave Stacey with her hus­band Martin, the Fowlers are then seen by the doc­tor. What will the tests re­veal? Has Kush’s Bru­gada syn­drome struck – or is some­thing else wrong with Arthur?

Back in Wal­ford, Carmel is also reel­ing. She re­cently al­most lost her son Kush – is the syn­drome about to take her grand­son’s life? Carmel lays out her fears about the Fowlers to Kush who urges her not to sour the ten­ta­tive re­la­tion­ship she’s built with Stacey.

Later, thank­fully Arthur’s dis­charged, and Carmel of­fers to pitch in. Knack­ered Stacey’s grate­ful un­til she re­alises why Carmel’s so keen to help: she doesn’t trust Stacey with Arthur! As tem­pers flare, Stacey breaks down on Carmel…

Turn­ing point

With their bad blood patched up, Carmel’s de­lighted when Stacey asks her to mind Arthur. Alone with her grand­son, Carmel soon makes a dis­cov­ery that brings her wor­ries flood­ing back. Un­able to ig­nore her con­cerns, Carmel takes se­ri­ous ac­tion, which is sure to spark all-out war

with Stacey…

Tem­pers flare… Mo­ment of truth… Carmel vents and Nick’s left reel­ing Stacey strug­gles by Leanne’s shock

an­nounce­ment Cause for con­cern… Tod­dler Arthur

Caught in the mid­dle..? Kush

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